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Does Your Key Contact Program Need a Boost?

Your government affairs team might have some good relationships on the Hill, but what about your members, activists, and grassroots voices?  It’s your buzzing bees that can have the most significant impact on policymakers thanks to in-district relationships, authentic stories, and a natural passion for the issues impacting them most. Our most recent Advocacy Leaders Network program addressed how your nonprofit, trade association, or corporation, can utilize a key contact program to maintain an active stream of influential communications with […]

10 #SXSW Advocacy Sessions You Should Check Out

It’s that time of year again – when techsperts and social mediaphiles converge on Austin, Texas for South by Southwest® (a.k.a. #SXSW13). Most of us here at Beekeeper Group fall into one of these categories. That’s why we’ve sifted through the hundreds of events and put together this handy list of 10 advocacy-centric sessions you should check out at SXSW. The list is in chronological order. It’s a free-for-all, so get to the sessions you want to attend early.  Download […]

Still Questioning Twitter For Advocacy?

Still considering using Twitter for advocacy? When the Mashable headline reads “Every Senator and 90% of House Members Now Use Twitter” you know it’s time to pay attention!  Yes, according to Twitter: When the 112th Congress convened in 2011, 44% of the Senate and 35% of the House were active on Twitter. In two years time, that’s grown to 100% of the Senate and 90% (398 representatives) of the House. Now there are 29 states with their entire delegation tweeting […]
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Facebook Best Practices: Quick Tips from USA Today’s Social Media Editor

I recently attended National Press Club’s latest event in their Get it Online series, where I had the opportunity to hear from Mary Nahorniak, USA TODAY’s Social Media Editor.  Nahorniak shared the evolution of USA TODAY’s main Facebook page over several years, and the lessons learned in that time.  Here are just a few of my favorite tips from Nahrniak’s talk for getting your Facebook strategy up to speed: Backfill your timeline with important dates for your organization/cause. Switch up […]

Are You a Part of “Association Universe” Yet? Content & Webinars Just for YOU!

Have you noticed that little widget that says “Association Universe” on the side of our blog yet?  If not, it’s definitely worth checking out!  It’s there because we’ve recently been added to an elite list of experts that will contribute to this new online community that will curate and highlight the best content for association professionals on the web. As part of our participation in Association Universe, I’m excited to announce the New World of Member Engagement Webinar Series! This […]

New Findings on Social Media Leadership – And The Survey Says…

Earlier this week, the authors of HUMANIZE, Maddie Grant and Jamie Notter, took the stage here at Beekeeper Group to share highlights from their book, plus some new survey research they gathered to go along with it.   In the book, Maddie and Jamie take the principles underlying social media’s rapid growth and success, and apply those to the way we lead and manage organizations.   Telling a room full of people that the old “command and control” methods we’ve used in […]
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Women’s History Through a Modern Lens

I had the opportunity to attend the first lecture in the Fall lecture series put on by the National Women’s History Museum (NWHM).  If you’re not familiar with NWHM, you should be!  For over 15 years, the Museum has been producing permanent and online exhibits and programs that highlight the often overlooked contributions of women to the social, cultural, economic and political aspects of our rich history. They are currently working hard to secure a permanent site on the National […]

Is Your Organization’s CEO on Twitter? Here’s Why They Should Be!

While most CEO’s believe that social media is something that should be taken care of by their staff (and in most cases, it should!), there is definitely something to be said for the impact of a tweet from a CEO.  I was recently on a panel on this topic with Maddie Grant of SocialFish, a close friend of the Hive who is a master of helping organizations to set up the necessary internal infrastructure to play (and win!) in the social […]

Going Far with ThinkNear

Once upon a time, companies put advertisements on television. The formula was simple: big money = big viewing share. People saw commercials and responded accordingly, or so the thinking went. It wasn’t a bad approach. Today, TV ads – while still powerful – are for many organizations akin to buying a refrigerator for the box: effective but wholly unnecessary. The proliferation of smartphones and general rise of the Internet have made it easy to run a successful campaign without resorting […]