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    If you work in Grassroots or Government Affairs, you’ve probably helped to plan a Lobby Day. And if so, you know that…

    1. Your work day will start at 6am. And that’s after months of intensive planning.


    2. At breakfast, one of your speakers will go over their allotted time throwing off your detailed schedule.

  • 08

    I recently connected with Congressman Jared Polis directly and without an appointment.  No, I don’t have an “in” in the typical sense. Or do I? I got to connect with Congressman Polis because he frequently pops up on Periscope, the livestreaming video app now owned by Twitter.

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    Whether you’re heading to Key West next week for the Public Affairs Council National Grassroots Conference or hanging back (because clearly you hate fun and learning!), we think you’ll enjoy this visualization of what the location has to offer.


    Data and palm trees aside, we’re looking forward to seeing…

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    If you’re like us, you’re not just getting ready for the holidays- you’re getting ready for the new Congress.  Whether the results of the midterm elections were good news or bad news for you, you’ll still need to introduce your organization and issues to the new folks on the Hill.

    Where to begin?  Here are four tips for engaging new Members and their staff:

    1. Welcome Them – It’s so simple, but often forgotten.  Send new Members a letter to introduce yourself, your organization, and your issues.  Don’t make an ask just yet and be patient with a…