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Mobile Tickets at Nationals Park

When buying Nats tickets a few times this past season, I noticed an option for mobile delivery.  Essentially, you could pay a separate ticketing fee to have your baseball tickets sent directly to your mobile device.  While I admired the sentiment behind paperless ticketing, I couldn’t see a reason to pay an extra fee, so I opted for paper or print at home tickets.  The logic behind charging an extra fee for something that, in theory, should save the ticketing […]
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Fan Only Content For Facebook

Ever wonder how some Facebook pages are able to require you to like their page before showing you certain content such as a video or a coupon?  Have you seen pages that use a custom graphic or message asking you to “like” their page that you no longer see once you click the button?  Do you wonder what it would take to implement similar functionality on your Facebook page? If you answered “yes” to one or more of the questions above, take […]
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Delta Airlines Latest Facebook App

I love it when someone builds a new Facebook app that takes a web-based function and re-creates it inside of the Facebook architecture.  Whether you’re moving a product or driving advocacy-based action, addressing your Facebook audience with a tool that gets the job done without linking visitors to an outside website is the best way to go. That’s why I’m impressed by Delta Airlines new Ticket Window Facebook App.  You can actually search for flights and book tickets directly from […]

Are More Apps Really the Future?

I admit it.  I’m overwhelmed by apps.  I don’t even have the app leading iPhone, but I feel like I’m swimming in an endless pool of apps on my Android phone.  I can’t even imagine what the poor iPhone users feel.  I rely on a few trusted tech blogs and word-of-mouth to find useful apps these days.  Searching through the store of available apps on my phone is a fruitless activity, with too many apps that claim to do the […]
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Beekeepers Win DHS Cybersecurity Awareness Award

Yesterday I had the special honor of representing Beekeeper Group and accepting an Award at the White House as the winner of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cybersecurity Awareness Challenge.  The event featured remarks by President Obama, Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke, and Secretary of Homeland Security Napolitano. We teamed up with LegalNet Works, a leading provider of cybersecurity program management and education services to federal government agencies, to produce the winning proposal.   LegalNet provided their institutional knowledge and cybersecurity […]

YouTube Adds Vuvuzela Button

The jokesters at Google/YouTube are at it again.  This time, they’ve added a small soccer ball icon that blurts out the sound that all World Cup followers love to hate, the Vuvuzela horn.   When the button is clicked, the audio track of the video changes to the sound of the familiar loud horn . It does not appear to be an option in embedded YouTube videos, only those played directly on .  If you have not had a chance […]
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AP Attempts to Define Social Media

A few months after moving to charge bloggers$2.50 per word for referencing AP content in quotes, the Associated Press is weighing in on proper usage of social media terms, including 42 of them in its latest edition of the AP Stylebook. Check out today’s Mashable post for full details, but some of the updates include: ·        the blessing of “website” as one word ·        the ability to use the terms friend, fan, or follow as nouns or verbs ·        the preference of “unfriend” […]
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Beekeeper Hosts Facebook Workshop

This morning I had the pleasure to teach an intensive small group Facebook workshop with fellow Beekeeper Matthew Zablud.  We had a great cross section of the advocacy community in attenda nce, with representatives from political party committees, non-profit organizations and large associations all sharing and learning together. At the intensive Facebook workshop we discussed the recent changes to Facebook, the many recent privacy issues, and how these impact an organization’s Facebook strategy.  We had lots of discussion about the […]

Feed a Parking Meter by Phone or Text in DC

Goodbye rolls of quarters!  I just registered for the new Pay-By-Phone service authorized by the DC government that lets you pay your parking meter fees via cell phone. When DC doubled its meter parking meter fees to $2/hour, parking at on-the-street meters required some serious pre-planning.  No longer could you count on spare change in the ashtray and under the floor mats to cover your parking fees.  To fill a standard 2 hour parking meter, it now took 16 quarters […]