Beekeeper Group welcomes Alex Dickinson to the Hive

Just last week, we welcomed our newest bee to the office (or as we like to call it, the Hive). Meet Alexandra Dickinson – or Alex, as she prefers to be called – who joins Beekeeper Group as an Account Manager.

As expected, our fifth hire definitely adds to the diverse and fun atmosphere. Not only is she well-versed in the life of Abraham Lincoln (a personal passion she’s got a Tumblr for), but Alex also loves everything social media.

Securing a Master’s from George Washington University in 2011, where she studied media strategy and political media systems, Alex went on to help launch and produce C-SPAN’s American History TV programming. While at C-SPAN she assisted in the production of content for air while functioning as a coordinator and project manager for their weekly slot of 48 hours of programming. Alex also helped build a dynamic Twitter following of history fans and C-SPAN aficionados under the @cspanhistory account.

A Michigan native, Alex is a die-hard Tigers and Pistons fan. In keeping with her Detroit Rock City area roots, she once ran a music venue in Ann Arbor called the EQMC.

When she’s not obsessing over Lincoln’s awesomeness, Alex is a tea and coffee enthusiast who’s garnered a passion for latte art. Check out her online musings by following Alex at @alexmae. And stay tuned to Hive Talkin’ as there’s sure to be more from our newest bee!

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