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    by Beekeeper Group Staff

    “So tell me, what is it you do exactly?” – Your Father-In-Law, Thanksgiving Dinner, 2015

    If you work in advocacy or grassroots, this is likely a question you are asked quite often by friends and family that don’t schedule vacations based on the congressional calendar. And answering is not so easy.

    With both the Public Affairs Council Grassroots and PAC conferences coming up, we decided to ask advocacy leaders to try to explain their profession:



    2. At breakfast, one of your speakers will go over their allotted time throwing off your detailed schedule.

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    by Shana Glickfield

    I recently connected with Congressman Jared Polis directly and without an appointment.  No, I don’t have an “in” in the typical sense. Or do I? I got to connect with Congressman Polis because he frequently pops up on Periscope, the livestreaming video app now owned by Twitter.

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    by Matthew Zablud

    The paint is dry and the dust has settled – Beekeeper Group has officially moved into its new offices.

    Just like bees in nature we knew our old hive was too small, so we swarmed off and started a new one. The new space is at 1101 14th Street NW in downtown Washington and has an “urban agricultural” vibe using reclaimed barn wood walls to accent the open floor plan and industrial garage door dividers.

    It’s been a…