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    by Beekeeper Group Staff

    On April 2nd, our Director and Chief of Staff celebrated her fourth BEEversary. As one of the longest working staff members at the hive, we wanted to dedicate this post to her.

    Check out her responses to the interview questions below!

    What has been the most rewarding / fun project that you have worked on?
    Staff Development work has surprisingly been great. I didn’t think that I would enjoy operations…

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    by Jennifer Cloudt

    Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Women in Government PACs, Politics & Grassroots Conference: IMPACT 2016. Featuring a wide range of panels, the event covered everything from volunteer management to speech writing. After a packed day, I was ready to get back to the Hive and share what I learned about creating the best possible advocacy campaigns with existing resources.

    1. “Talk to people where they are, about the things they’re already talking about.”

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    by Beekeeper Group Staff

    Rebecca-pic-editedToday, one of our Account Managers, Rebecca Moore, turns two…in BEEversay years. In addition to wearing the awesome “It’s My BEEversary” sash, we wanted to dedicate a post to her on her special day.

    We interviewed Rebecca to learn more about her. Take a look at her responses below.

    What has been your most rewarding project that you have worked on?
    I’ve been enjoying some of the PAC…

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    by Brad Rizza

    Whether you are expanding a current campaign from national to international or kicking-off a brand new project abroad, there is much to consider prior to communicating effectively outside the United States. While it’s true that the world is flatter than ever, this doesn’t mean that a cookie cutter campaign will be effective worldwide.

    From the simple to the complex, below are some of the most important areas to consider when communicating or advocating abroad.


    Don’t take for granted that your international target audience uses the same online…

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    by Mike Panetta

    PAC managers will tell you the most common reason they hear from people who do not contribute to a PAC is that the person either didn’t know or was confused about what the PAC actually does. Other challenges PAC professionals usually know too well include:

    • Reduced open rates on solicitation emails
    • Declining contributions and participation rates
    • Trouble demonstrating the value of the PAC to association or company management
    • Challenges getting prior approvals and/or payroll deductions

    Here at Beekeeper Group, as we prepare for the