Four Reasons Behind the Success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Try going 24 hours without getting a Facebook notification that someone you know has participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This fundraising phenomenon has clogged Facebook pages, infiltrated Twitter feeds and taken over YouTube channels, proving (as we always suspected) that a link and a hashtag do not a digital advocacy campaign make. Anything that goes viral this fast is sure to garner its share of controversy. The challenge has been praised as a brilliant way to raise awareness […]

Lessons From Flappy Bird: How to Get Your Online Ads Seen By Your Target Audience

Earlier this year, one of Beekeeper’s clients was in the middle of a large online advertising campaign when they noticed something strange: ad clicks, which had been gradually increasing for several weeks, suddenly skyrocketed. Over two days, total spend (determined by the number of times someone clicks on an ad) jumped nearly 400 percent. Nothing had changed — messaging, ad copy, and issue status all remained untouched. Digging through the analytics, we discovered that the ads had started appearing on […]

5 Best Practices for Advocacy Games

Over the past several years, gamification has become increasing popular in everything from exercise to education.  This emerging trend has not been lost on the public affairs industry. At Beekeeper, we have seen an increase in the use of mobile and web, including games, to help organizations educate and engage their target audiences on a wide variety of issues. Several of our advocacy clients have joined this gaming trend, and we have worked with them at various stages of creating […]

4 Lessons from Nonprofit 2.0

Nearly every day we see the way new technologies transform traditional models of business and advocacy. For the non-profit sector, these types of changes can be disruptive, but as I learned this past Thursday, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. At last week’s Nonprofit 2.0 Conference, non-profit employees, issue advocates, and technologists came together to explore the intersection of technology and non-profits.  The result was a robust series of conversations that laid out an important frame of mind all digital […]

What can #OpenData do for you?

This past weekend, I joined a diverse group of coders, policy makers, and thought leaders at the Sunlight Foundation’s 5th annual Transparency Camp. The two-day unconference focused primarily on discovering and discussing ways to leverage open data for better social, policy, and advocacy outcomes. The event highlighted a number of exciting opportunities that could have the power to improve our ability to use data for advocacy purposes.   One challenge that came up throughout the sessions was identifying ways to […]

Expert Tips to Boost Your PAC in 2014

There are a few PACs in Washington that I’m sure will see a boost of activity, and not just because of mid-term elections.  Attendees of the recent Women in Government Relations: PAC, Politics & Grassroots Conference learned new ways to inspire support, participation and increased contributions to meet their PAC goals thanks to the following speakers: Lisa D. T. Rice, Political and External Affairs Strategist (Moderator) Mica Evans Hider, Director Federal Affairs, American Chemistry Council Meaghan Killion Joyce, Political Affairs […]

New LinkedIn Feature Creates a Professional Popularity Contest

LinkedIn, the professional networking site home to over 300 million users, is traditionally thought of as being most beneficial to individuals looking for employment but its benefit to companies in the public affairs and trade association industries shouldn’t be overlooked. Companies looking to hire top-tier professionals commonly use the site to find high-quality applicants by looking at those working for industry peers and by searching relevant trade and skill-based networking groups. The newest feature on the site encourages a new […]

Beekeeper Group Wins 14 Communicator Awards

The 2014 Communicator Awards are recognition of work that “transcends innovation and craft – work that made a lasting impact.” We’re honored to announce that our team just won 14 individual Communicator Awards for the 2014 season. This would not be possible without the innovative and dynamic group of clients that we serve every day.   Among this list are two 2014 Gold Awards of Excellence for the categories of “Website – Business Blog” for our work with Lilly on […]

More Mobile for Your Mondays (and Other Days)

Beekeeper Group is excited to host the DC chapter of Mobile Monday, better known as DCMoMo, next week.  Not only will our own Account Manager Tatenda Musapitake be on the panel, but our Senior Digital Products Manager Justin Kutner is now on the Board of Directors.  Here are the details: The Future of Wearable Technology From the Fit Bit, to Google Glass and Galaxy Gear, the wearable technology market is growing fast. But, where is it GOING? Come learn from […]

New Senior Vice President Joins Beekeeper Group

Beekeeper Group is thrilled to welcome Tom Donnelly to the team. With his breadth of knowledge ranging from digital campaigns and social media strategy to issues management, advocacy, and grassroots, Tom has already become an asset to the Hive. Tom has more than 30 years of experience in government relations and public affairs andhas served in senior leadership roles at MXM Social, CQ Roll Call and Ketchum Public Relations. Most recently, he served as President of the public affairs and marketing firm, Clout Digital. […]