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    This past weekend, I joined a diverse group of coders, policy makers, and thought leaders at the Sunlight Foundation’s 5th annual Transparency Camp. The two-day unconference focused primarily on discovering and discussing ways to leverage open data for better social, policy, and advocacy outcomes. The event highlighted a number of exciting opportunities that could have the power to improve our ability to use data for advocacy purposes.

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    Fighting for space on the front page challenges every organization, no matter the size or cause. Reporters receive hundreds of pitches each week with pushes to cover events, causes, or points of view. How can advocacy organizations break through the noise and get their issues represented?


    Successfully pitching reporters holds the key to consistent, positive coverage for your cause. Before…

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    We are pleased to announce another exciting year of our Advocacy Leaders Network (ALN) workshop series, tailored to senior advocacy, government affairs, and public relations professionals. The goal of this advanced advocacy training is to enhance relationships, communications, and understanding between citizens and Congress. This is achieved through professional development and networking opportunities for the public affairs community.

    Below is the schedule and topics for the 2014 workshop series:

    • March 28:
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    In June, we told you about the potential effects of the new tab system Google put in place to help Gmail users manage their inboxes. At the time, many in the digital advocacy community were worried that the new email management system would relegate email messages sent from campaigns to forgotten tabs in users’ inboxes. This is the result of advocacy emails containing unsubscribe links within the content.

    Six months later, it’s still too early to tell, but results seem to imply that the…