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Looking to Simplify Your Lobby Day?

Planning a lobby day, fly-in or summit for your organization can be a daunting prospect. Preparing materials for your members shouldn’t be, though. This is where the idea for Lobby Day, our award-winning app available for iOS and Android, was borne. Have you seen our Lobby Day app? We’ve created a smartphone app that provides instant access to all of your lobby day essentials. Built-in maps, Congressional directories, talking points, event schedules and social sharing tools are at your advocate’s fingertips when they’re using […]
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Loves and Loathes: Our feelings about iOS 6

We know that love and loathe are strong words, but when it comes to Apple, there seems to be no middle ground. The newest version of Apple’s operating system for its mobile devices – iOS 6 – has caused so much of an uproar since its release that even CEO Tim Cook apologized for the updated, yet worse, maps. The App Store even curated a list of alternatives for disenfranchised e-cartographers. Apple competitor, Samsung, is taking this opportunity to poke […]
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Flashing in Public – Will Adobe Flash Go Mobile?

As anyone with an iPhone or iPad knows, Steve Jobs has some major issues with Adobe Flash.  He’s correct in some of his concerns, but in my opinion, he’s currently putting his products (and users) at a disadvantage.  I’m not going to venture into which of his arguments are reasonable, and which are far-fetched.  Apple dictates what its products support, and Steve Jobs dictates what Apple does.  So, what does this mean for the development community? Over the past few […]
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My Secret Crush (on the iPad)

Last night, I had a dream about an iPad. Yes, readers, sometime between midnight and 7 AM EST, an Apple product entered what I considered a realm of healthy fantasy, a space previously populated by certain ex-boyfriends and Desmond from Lost. Here’s the weird part: I didn’t think I even liked the iPad. Though I had warmed to it a little since we were first introduced (“Really, Steve Jobs? You’re calling it an iPad?”) I still was just not that […]