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Looking to Simplify Your Lobby Day?

Planning a lobby day, fly-in or summit for your organization can be a daunting prospect. Preparing materials for your members shouldn’t be, though. This is where the idea for Lobby Day, our award-winning app available for iOS and Android, was borne. Have you seen our Lobby Day app? We’ve created a smartphone app that provides instant access to all of your lobby day essentials. Built-in maps, Congressional directories, talking points, event schedules and social sharing tools are at your advocate’s fingertips when they’re using […]
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Beekeeper Group Wins Grassroots Innovation Award from Public Affairs Council for Mobile Application

The Public Affairs Council awarded its top honor for innovation in grassroots innovation to the International Franchise Association (IFA) for their IFA Franchising Votes mobile application developed by Beekeeper Group in support of IFA’s 2012 Public Affairs Conference. “We are honored to receive this award that recognizes the power of grassroots within the franchising community,” said Matt Haller, IFA vice president of Public Affairs and Chief of Staff to IFA President & CEO, Steve Caldeira. “Working with Beekeeper Group we […]

Lobby Day App Introduced to #DCTech

On Monday evening Shana and Mike presented our Lobby Day App to over 700 attendees of the 5,300 person strong DC Tech Meetup Group and we’re proud to say the initial feedback was great! Below is a short presentation that outlines some of the major features of Lobby Day. Please let us know in the comments what you liked / didn’t like and any suggestions for improvement. Download the demo now in the iTunes Store today Lobby Day is iPhone […]

Integration of Social Media, Mobile Websites, & Apps

Last month, I had the pleasure of speaking to the web content mavens on the integration of social media and mobile websites and Apps. As I created the slides I tried to emphasize the following points: Mobile is a growing part of how people use social media Your organization should have a mobile strategy. 93% of mobile visitors think negatively of your brand when they have a bad mobile browsing experience on your site. Contextualize the social media experience for […]

Want a Dopamine Rush? Try a Web Search!

Beekeeper Group attended the Media Future Now discussion of Search in the future of media and its role on the web, held at the New America Foundation DC office. The event was inspired by the Wired Magazine article, “The Web Is Dead”, which proposes that apps will replace the need to search for traditional web pages. This discussion explored many ways in which the Internet is used and the long and short term effects apps will have on the conventional […]

Energize Your Base with the Latest Apps

Okay, so you say you’re quite comfortable with your Facebook and Twitter presence and now you’re ready for the next big thing?  Wonderful!  We just explored “what’s next” in a session called “Tips and Tools to Energize Your Base” at the Women Who Tech Telesummit.  Flip through the slides below to see recommendations from myself and my co-presenters Amy Sample Ward and Jessica Bosanko. My picks? GeoSocial Data Visualization Apps Contests Unconferences And thanks to Ryann Miller at FrogLoop for […]

Delta Airlines Latest Facebook App

I love it when someone builds a new Facebook app that takes a web-based function and re-creates it inside of the Facebook architecture.  Whether you’re moving a product or driving advocacy-based action, addressing your Facebook audience with a tool that gets the job done without linking visitors to an outside website is the best way to go. That’s why I’m impressed by Delta Airlines new Ticket Window Facebook App.  You can actually search for flights and book tickets directly from […]

Are More Apps Really the Future?

I admit it.  I’m overwhelmed by apps.  I don’t even have the app leading iPhone, but I feel like I’m swimming in an endless pool of apps on my Android phone.  I can’t even imagine what the poor iPhone users feel.  I rely on a few trusted tech blogs and word-of-mouth to find useful apps these days.  Searching through the store of available apps on my phone is a fruitless activity, with too many apps that claim to do the […]
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An Ode to my Smartphone

Does my Smartphone make me smarter? In a word- yes. Suddenly, I have all the answers and I’ve got to tell you it feels great. My new HTC Hero makes me feel like I can rule the world, with it as my proxy and consort.  It is my North Star, my Trident, and my Pandora’s Box all rolled into one- full of the potential for greatness as well as despair (here’s hoping I don’t drop it). My Smartphone gives me […]
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