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Un-BEE-lievable Dance Skills for a Cause

In light of the disappearance of honey bees around the world, Haagen-Dazs asks us to consider a world without honeybees. In a microsite that touts “Haagen-Dasz Loves Honey Bees,” the bee-loved ice cream maker teaches us the importance of these insects’ roles in pollenating fresh produce. Naturally, those here at Beekeeper Group couldn’t agree more. This crisis could not only be detrimental to the honey bee population, but it could also severely impact buzz-ness! So, here’s a video from helpthehoneybees.com, […]
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Bees Beat Computer

It turns out that bees “can solve complex mathematical problems which keep computers busy for days” according to a study by scientists at Royal Holloway, University of London and recently reported in the Guardian Newspaper. Read the article about how bee brains can best solve the “travelling salesman” problem by finding the quickest and most efficient route to visit flowers over a large distance. We Beekeepers always knew that bees were clever little creatures – but now we have proof that they really are […]
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What Will You BEE for Halloween?

So trendsetter Bella (pictured below) came to Democracy in Action’s infamous Third Thursday event last evening all ready for Halloween her BEE costume.  Bella is no stranger to online community building and advocacy as the lovable dog of Carie Lewis, Director of Emerging Media for the Human Society of the U.S.  Your first task – take a look at Mashable’s article on HSUS’s use of social media (published last year and their efforts have only grown!).  It’s a great case […]

Bee Parliament

Who knew the New Zealand Executive wing of its parliamentary complex was called The Beehive? Not I. Just like your average beehive, New Zealand’s one has a queen bee- Elizabeth II, Queen of the Commonwealth realms. Unlike most beehives, this one boasts marble, stainless steel, glass, and copper. Although I’d hate to taste that honey.
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Why the Bee Costume? Photo Tagging as a Strategy

At our launch party in April, when you walked into the main room of the event, the first thing you saw was an actor dressed up in a bee costume.  And we’re not talking yellow and black face paint here… We’re talking full-on, mascot-style costume.  Of course, this seemed to most like a unique and memorable way to distinguish our event, but it was actually a part of a bigger strategy. Photo tagging! With the help of a hired photographer, […]