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    The Olympics are over but your winning advocacy strategy journey is just beginning. Follow these steps and bring your campaign from an idea on the starting blocks to a gold medal finish.

    We’ll see you on the podium.

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    We all know how easy it can be to get distracted these days, especially online. Current trends in web design are all about cutting down on unnecessary elements and making your message shine. This is a perfect strategy when thinking about creating a successful advocacy campaign website.

    You’ll notice that the trends outlined below…

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    With many state legislatures finished with their session or adjourning in the next few weeks, now is the perfect opportunity to plan ahead and outline new goals, new strategies and new plans for content development. But there’s a step before planning content and that’s reviewing, refining, and testing your organizational messages – yes, those messages that…

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    Please join us for our annual spring Advocacy Leaders Network happy hour.

    Over the past five years, many of you have joined us for substantive sessions on all aspects of maximizing your advocacy campaigns, but sometimes the best learning comes from just talking to your peers over drinks!

    The Advocacy Leaders Network is a community of senior advocacy, government affairs, and public relations professionals. In addition to our quarterly event series, we will be providing these professional networking opportunities as a chance for us all to meet in a fun, informal setting.