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How Do Your Non-profit Digital Metrics Stack Up?

Every year, we eagerly await the updated M+R Benchmark Report, an in-depth look at digital performance metrics for non-profits, advocacy organizations and fundraisers of all types. The 2013 report reflects analysis for the year 2012. What does it say about Beekeeper Group that this kind of thing excites us? For many of our clients, we focus tremendous energy on developing and analyzing the online landscape in their industry or issue area. The M+R data is invaluable when comparing our clients […]
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EVENT: Convincing Senior Managers of Social Media’s Value (Webinar)

The Public Affairs Council (PAC) is hosting an event on May 12th (2:00pm – 3:00pm) on the important topic of convincing higher-ups that it is worth engaging in Social Media for public affairs. They are featuring Manan Shah at Novo Nordisk and our good friend Sue Zoldak at Adfero Group. PAC also has some great resources including their 2010 Social Media for Public Affairs Benchmarking Report available for purchase (actually, I am hoping they will send me a free copy because […]

Release Your Internal Advocacy Numbers

Eventbrite (a service we Beekeepers use regularly for managing our own events) recently made national news with the release of some of its internal numbers on the impact of tweets versus Facebook likes for generating ticket sales through the site. Mashable was quick to pick-up the story followed by NPR, CNN and numerous other news outlets and blogs. It made us think – which organizations in the advocacy and non-profit space could have noteworthy numbers they wouldn’t mind sharing. Here […]

Independent Benchmarking Reports for Advocacy

It is nerdy to admit, but I love benchmarking. I am also an ROI junkie – but I will leave that for a future post. I became obsessed with benchmarking data after almost every client I worked with would ask pretty much the same question: “ok, so you are saying our campaign was a success but how does it compare to the industry average?” At first I thought it was an inside joke all clients played on their consultants. They […]