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Beekeeper Service Day

Beekeeper Group celebrated its two-year anniversary last Thursday by participating in a day of service at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library. Staffers and Partners worked with job-seekers crafting resumes, writing cover letters, and filling out applications. The experience made a particularly significant impression on Beekeeper intern and resident Eagle Scout, Ryan Kerr. “I’ve done a lot of these types of events before but I felt that this was one of the most personal,” he said. “It was direct interaction […]

Death to BUZZ Words!

Being a recent job hunter, I found the LinkedIn Blog’s “10 Most Overused Buzzwords” entry very interesting. Obviously my occupational hunt was very successful, sacking me a position as Research Assistant (aka: intern) here at Beekeeper Group. Yet I still felt that the article pertained to me, and to my fellow resume- writers (lets face it, who ISN’T actively trying to build their resume?) because it offered statistical data and insight into the ten most played out “Buzzwords” in the […]
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Facebook for the Professional

We’ve known for years that Facebook is a great way to connect with pals- both old and new- and share experiences, pictures, and contact information. What causes many hiccups is how to use Facebook in a professional manner. I did a little hunting to find the following ideas that prove themselves invaluable when connecting professionally on the great expanse that is Facebook. 1. The big kahoona- privacy. Make sure your privacy settings are adjusted to meet your individual needs. Incorporating […]