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Not Your Grandma’s Cliché: Sayings for the Modern Era

Who else has thrown out the phrase- “close but no cigar,” or “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer,” only to have this potentially-clever rejoiner fall upon uncomprehending modern-day ears? Luckily, we have Doghouse Diaries to bring these phrases into the 21st century and help you really drive that witticism home. Some of my favorites? “Never judge an app by its icon,” “Google wasn’t built in a day,” and “hell hath no fury like a troll.” One that falls short- “a […]
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Still Questioning Twitter For Advocacy?

Still considering using Twitter for advocacy? When the Mashable headline reads “Every Senator and 90% of House Members Now Use Twitter” you know it’s time to pay attention!  Yes, according to Twitter: When the 112th Congress convened in 2011, 44% of the Senate and 35% of the House were active on Twitter. In two years time, that’s grown to 100% of the Senate and 90% (398 representatives) of the House. Now there are 29 states with their entire delegation tweeting […]
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Release Your Internal Advocacy Numbers

Eventbrite (a service we Beekeepers use regularly for managing our own events) recently made national news with the release of some of its internal numbers on the impact of tweets versus Facebook likes for generating ticket sales through the site. Mashable was quick to pick-up the story followed by NPR, CNN and numerous other news outlets and blogs. It made us think – which organizations in the advocacy and non-profit space could have noteworthy numbers they wouldn’t mind sharing. Here […]

AP Attempts to Define Social Media

A few months after moving to charge bloggers$2.50 per word for referencing AP content in quotes, the Associated Press is weighing in on proper usage of social media terms, including 42 of them in its latest edition of the AP Stylebook. Check out today’s Mashable post for full details, but some of the updates include: ·        the blessing of “website” as one word ·        the ability to use the terms friend, fan, or follow as nouns or verbs ·        the preference of “unfriend” […]
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