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Best Practices in Mobile Advocacy

From the Advocacy Leaders Network blog: The final event in our 2013 Advocacy Leaders Network event series took a deep dive into the latest and greatest uses of mobile technology for advocacy, including apps, shortcodes, and responsive design. The event was complete with informative presentations, lively conversations, and many takeaways. Of course, we also took this opportunity to launch an Advocacy Leaders Network mobile app, and Beekeeper Group’s new Advobot, a mobile virtual presence controlled via mobile app, even made […]

Beyond the Laptop: Using Mobile to Enhance Your Org’s Message

Google recently announced that it would upgrade its advertising service, AdWords, with “enhanced campaigns.” The move represents the company’s attempt to break into the mobile market, an area that advertisers have struggled with as privacy concerns, technological hurdles, and tracking difficulties have made monetization tricky. The new platform addresses the complexities of a “multi-device world” with improved, customizable targeting options and reporting for new conversions like phone calls and app downloads. One of its best features: advertisers can tweak bids […]
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Election 2012: Top Senate Campaigns Lack Mobile Sites

Here at the Beekeeper Group, we’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest, especially when it comes to the wonky world of election politics. After reading an article from Brad Frost at SmashingMagazine.com that compares and contrasts President Obama and Governor Romney’s mobile vs. responsive site design choices, it got us thinking: just how much thought goes into mobile user experience on other high profile campaigns across the country? Despite the acceptance of social media and ubiquity of […]

Going Far with ThinkNear

Once upon a time, companies put advertisements on television. The formula was simple: big money = big viewing share. People saw commercials and responded accordingly, or so the thinking went. It wasn’t a bad approach. Today, TV ads – while still powerful – are for many organizations akin to buying a refrigerator for the box: effective but wholly unnecessary. The proliferation of smartphones and general rise of the Internet have made it easy to run a successful campaign without resorting […]

A New Mobile Short Code for People Facing Foreclosure

We’ve discussed the benefits of embracing mobile for communications and advocacy, but how do you implement that? Beekeeper recently helped Capital Area Foreclosure Network (CAFN), a Washington area group dedicated to helping residents prevent foreclosure, to accomplish precisely this. Through a mobile campaign, the network hoped to promote their free hotline that helps connect Spanish and English speakers to a free HUD-certified housing counselor near their home or work. CAFN understood that much of its target audience, both lower-income and […]
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Integration of Social Media, Mobile Websites, & Apps

Last month, I had the pleasure of speaking to the web content mavens on the integration of social media and mobile websites and Apps. As I created the slides I tried to emphasize the following points: Mobile is a growing part of how people use social media Your organization should have a mobile strategy. 93% of mobile visitors think negatively of your brand when they have a bad mobile browsing experience on your site. Contextualize the social media experience for […]

Mobile Tickets at Nationals Park

When buying Nats tickets a few times this past season, I noticed an option for mobile delivery.  Essentially, you could pay a separate ticketing fee to have your baseball tickets sent directly to your mobile device.  While I admired the sentiment behind paperless ticketing, I couldn’t see a reason to pay an extra fee, so I opted for paper or print at home tickets.  The logic behind charging an extra fee for something that, in theory, should save the ticketing […]
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Are More Apps Really the Future?

I admit it.  I’m overwhelmed by apps.  I don’t even have the app leading iPhone, but I feel like I’m swimming in an endless pool of apps on my Android phone.  I can’t even imagine what the poor iPhone users feel.  I rely on a few trusted tech blogs and word-of-mouth to find useful apps these days.  Searching through the store of available apps on my phone is a fruitless activity, with too many apps that claim to do the […]
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