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Confessions of a Born-Again-Listener

Last month I attended the annual conference of the Association of Writers & Writing Programs, or AWP. (We writers are awesome with words; less so with acronyms.) The conference took place in Denver – a lovely city for sure, but really, I would have been thrilled to travel anywhere for it. When you are a freelance writer, any opportunity to get out of the house is exciting. These days, any industry conference, retreat, or multi-day seminar is going to have […]
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Experts Rate Top Online Tools for Politics and Advocacy

Last week, at the Politics Online Conference 2010, a panel of industry experts assessed some of the top online tools and platforms in terms of their effectiveness for politics and advocacy. The panel also delivered thoughts on the future viability of these platforms by rating them either as a “FAIL – At Risk” (meaning the platform was potentially at risk), or “<3″ – [A.K.A the heart emoticon] (meaning the platform was likely to succeed or continue to succeed). As soon as we get the video of […]