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Following the #Election2012 Buzz

If you are anything like us bees — your social networks are probably buzzing with #election coverage today. Individual users aren’t the only ones jumping into the fray – most of our favorite social media hot spots are stepping up their game and making it easier for you to follow coverage and encourage your friends to get out the vote: Twitter’s #election2012 page – Just like they did during the debates, the folks over at Twitter have created an election […]

Socializing “Old Media” – An Interview with Andrea Stone of the Huffington Post

Andrea Stone, senior national correspondent for the Huffington Post, has had a front row seat watching the social media Darwinism rampant in journalism, where the name of the game is adapt or die. Having spent most of her career as a reporter for USA TODAY, Andrea has seen slow to adapt reporters fall by the wayside. “As a journalist, you MUST be on social media. If you’re not, you’re probably not working anymore or have changed careers.” With nearly 63,000 […]

CNN Wanted to Know How Candidates Should Use Twitter … So I Told Them

It began with my quote in a recent Mashable post on how the candidates are (and should be) using social media tools in the 2010 midterm elections. The author, Geoff Livingston, offers a comprehensive recount (no pun intended, okay maybe a little) of how the Democrats and Republicans are embracing tools from Twitter to open API’s. “The Democrats seem to be sticking with the tactics that brought them into power, whereas the GOP, as the challenger, is exploring more innovative […]

Will Preferential Treatment Help a Third Party in the US?

Australia is in the midst of another federal election. Announced last Saturday, the parties have 5 weeks to campaign before the population goes to the polls. Aside from a compulsory voting system, multiple polling stations (you don’t have to vote in your precinct), universal early voting, and same day absentee voting, Australia has one interesting electoral quirk that could pave the way for a third party here in the United States. Since the early 20th century Australia has relied on […]

Experts Rate Top Online Tools for Politics and Advocacy

Last week, at the Politics Online Conference 2010, a panel of industry experts assessed some of the top online tools and platforms in terms of their effectiveness for politics and advocacy. The panel also delivered thoughts on the future viability of these platforms by rating them either as a “FAIL – At Risk” (meaning the platform was potentially at risk), or “<3″ – [A.K.A the heart emoticon] (meaning the platform was likely to succeed or continue to succeed). As soon as we get the video of […]

The Power of Political Parody

Maybe it’s because I had all of  “Weird” Al Yankovic’s albums as a kid (and even saw him in concert…twice) but I’ve always been a fan of parodies. There’s something about a well-crafted spoof of the familiar that has always epitomized the highest degree of creativity, at least in my opinion. As I grew up, and started working in politics and advocacy, my love of parody morphed from Weird Al into more targeted political messaging. (That said, I’m still a […]