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    Please join the Political Involvement Network for our Pumpkin Spice Happy Hour!

    Join us for drinks, conversation and networking with fellow public affairs professionals.

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    Beekeeper Group is a proud sponsor of this year’s Digital Media & Advocacy Summit!

    2017 may be one of the most important years for public affairs and advocacy professionals. Are you prepared to use the most innovative digital tools and tactics?

    This Summit brings together leading experts in digital communications and online grassroots advocacy for a day-long event centered around sharing best practices and case studies, networking with industry leaders and tactical skill building.

    Join us for this once-a-year opportunity to connect with over 125 communications, advocacy and…

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    Beekeeper Group is prod to sponsor this year’s Digital Media and Advocacy Summit.

    The digital communications landscape changes constantly and that change affects how you convey your advocacy message.

    Online advocacy has become a vital part of grassroots and policy campaigns, so it’s important for any public affairs or communications manager to understand how changes in the digital world impact an organization’s overall success.

    At this daylong event, you’ll learn from experts in the corporate and nonprofit sectors who have been successful in leveraging the latest trends into…

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    Coalitions are a critical component of a successful advocacy strategy. Join us for a half-day workshop, led by experts looking to answer the eternal question of what makes for successful partnerships and what lessons can be learned from coalitions that have collapsed.