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Looking to Simplify Your Lobby Day?

Planning a lobby day, fly-in or summit for your organization can be a daunting prospect. Preparing materials for your members shouldn’t be, though. This is where the idea for Lobby Day, our award-winning app available for iOS and Android, was borne. Have you seen our Lobby Day app? We’ve created a smartphone app that provides instant access to all of your lobby day essentials. Built-in maps, Congressional directories, talking points, event schedules and social sharing tools are at your advocate’s fingertips when they’re using […]
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Loves and Loathes: Our feelings about iOS 6

We know that love and loathe are strong words, but when it comes to Apple, there seems to be no middle ground. The newest version of Apple’s operating system for its mobile devices – iOS 6 – has caused so much of an uproar since its release that even CEO Tim Cook apologized for the updated, yet worse, maps. The App Store even curated a list of alternatives for disenfranchised e-cartographers. Apple competitor, Samsung, is taking this opportunity to poke […]
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A New Mobile Short Code for People Facing Foreclosure

We’ve discussed the benefits of embracing mobile for communications and advocacy, but how do you implement that? Beekeeper recently helped Capital Area Foreclosure Network (CAFN), a Washington area group dedicated to helping residents prevent foreclosure, to accomplish precisely this. Through a mobile campaign, the network hoped to promote their free hotline that helps connect Spanish and English speakers to a free HUD-certified housing counselor near their home or work. CAFN understood that much of its target audience, both lower-income and […]
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Pew Internet Study a Game-Changer for Mobile Strategy

The Pew Internet & American Life Project recently reported on the proliferation of mobile phone usage in its first-ever standalone survey on this subject. The article, written by Senior Research Specialist, Aaron Smith, lays out some interesting facts about smartphone usage in the United States. Here are some facts and figures the piece provides: 83 percent of U.S. adults have a cell phone of some kind. 42 percent of those adults own a smartphone. That means that overall, 35 percent […]

Mobile Tickets at Nationals Park

When buying Nats tickets a few times this past season, I noticed an option for mobile delivery.  Essentially, you could pay a separate ticketing fee to have your baseball tickets sent directly to your mobile device.  While I admired the sentiment behind paperless ticketing, I couldn’t see a reason to pay an extra fee, so I opted for paper or print at home tickets.  The logic behind charging an extra fee for something that, in theory, should save the ticketing […]
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An Ode to my Smartphone

Does my Smartphone make me smarter? In a word- yes. Suddenly, I have all the answers and I’ve got to tell you it feels great. My new HTC Hero makes me feel like I can rule the world, with it as my proxy and consort.  It is my North Star, my Trident, and my Pandora’s Box all rolled into one- full of the potential for greatness as well as despair (here’s hoping I don’t drop it). My Smartphone gives me […]
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