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This is How Bees Celebrate Social Media Day

Today, June 30, marks the second annual Social Media Day, and event created by the ever-popular Mashable. People are gathering all across the country in honor of this occasion. While happy hours and in-person gatherings are fun for some, we at Beekeeper like to put our own spin on #SMDayDC. Check out how the Beekeeper Bee celebrated today: Built our hive of friends by pollinating our Twitter feed and Facebook page. Checked out what was happening on Google Buzz. (We […]

Using social media for individual advocacy

Most people know that I have a background in grassroots advocacy and that I’m passionate about social media. But what you may not realize is that I have an even deeper passion for the automotive industry. Yes, I love cars. Since 2008, I’ve been experimenting with this online medium, and I have been astonished at how quickly it has enabled me to form relationships within the car enthusiast community worldwide. In fact, thanks to the alliances I’ve formed through Twitter, […]

Fan Only Content For Facebook

Ever wonder how some Facebook pages are able to require you to like their page before showing you certain content such as a video or a coupon?  Have you seen pages that use a custom graphic or message asking you to “like” their page that you no longer see once you click the button?  Do you wonder what it would take to implement similar functionality on your Facebook page? If you answered “yes” to one or more of the questions above, take […]
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HootSuite’s New Look and More

HootSuite just released their new HTML5 user interface. This suped-up new version is intended to entice users to ditch their desktop-based clients in favor of this sleek online alternative. It is a social media dashboard that simplifies your life by streaming the usual suspects (Twitter and Facebook) and now Google Analytics, as well as a whole host of other new options. It allows you to be the Queen of your own hive! I am thrilled that I can get not […]