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Social Media & Advocacy: What Your Supporters Really Like

You’d think we’d have the hang of it by 2014, right?  But as social media continues to evolve, so do the tools we use to participate and the audiences that we try to reach.  This can be even more challenging for advocacy professionals where social media is often just one of a long list of responsibilities. So we were thrilled to have Colin Delaney present to a packed room on how social media can help with advocacy at Advocacy Leaders […]

New Strategies for Twitter Advocacy at #TwitterDC

Earlier this week, several of us from Beekeeper Group had the opportunity to attend the first #TwitterDC of 2014. These events are always a great opportunity to hear the latest data on Twitter usage and to learn about emerging best practices for political and advocacy campaigns. For me, it was most interesting to see what new strategies are being used by advocacy groups to take their Twitter presence to the next level. Some of these strategies included: Creating dedicated multimedia […]

Facebook Users Mindless, Don’t Know What They Like, Data Says

As 2013 winds down, tech companies are beginning to release data about what shaped the year online. Facebook and Spotify have already published reviews with their most popular songs and search terms, and Twitter is due out with its own recap soon. The results sound impressive (4,500,000,000 hours of music streamed!), but what do they actually mean? One story from The Atlantic examines a list of the most viral publishers from the past month. Using data from the Spike database, […]

Advocacy Campaigns and Social Media: The Keys to Success

Earlier this month I attended Salsa Labs’ 2013 Community Conference. This gathering of advocacy organizations, non-profits and public affairs agencies occurs once per year, and is one of the best places to pick up new ideas, touch base with industry-wide best practices, and provide advocacy organizations with our advice. (Beekeeper Group Partner Henri Makembe spoke on a panel that discussed lessons non-profits and advocacy agencies can learn from political campaigns.) One focus of the conference was on advocacy campaigns on social media. […]
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Facebook Rolls Out Hashtag Functionality: Non-Profits Everywhere Should Rejoice

This week, Facebook announced that they would be integrating hashtags (#) – you know, that genius way of organizing the world’s collective thoughts that has already been put to good use on Twitter and Instagram? (P.S. – Facebook owns Instagram ). As the news spreads, the announcement is making waves across the internet, from NBC News to Wired magazine. Until now, trade associations and non-profit organizations have had to fork over big money for Facebook ads in order for the […]
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Still Questioning Twitter For Advocacy?

Still considering using Twitter for advocacy? When the Mashable headline reads “Every Senator and 90% of House Members Now Use Twitter” you know it’s time to pay attention!  Yes, according to Twitter: When the 112th Congress convened in 2011, 44% of the Senate and 35% of the House were active on Twitter. In two years time, that’s grown to 100% of the Senate and 90% (398 representatives) of the House. Now there are 29 states with their entire delegation tweeting […]
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Facebook Giving Advertisers Something to “Like”

Despite social media’s popularity, organizations are still struggling to convert engagement into profit. Internet search advertising has exploded in the last decade thanks to Google, but adoption of Facebook and Twitter as marketing tools has been more tepid as advertisers have questioned their value and effectiveness. This hesitation may fade, though, as these sites fine-tune their approach. Facebook’s recent Black Friday collaboration with Wal-Mart (article available to subscribers only), in which the retail giant launched the social network’s biggest mobile-advertising […]

MySpace or Yours: Who Really Owns Your Social Media?

As Facebook and Twitter become primary business tools, ownership disputes are changing the online landscape and affecting the way organizations approach social content. One of the more notable recent cases, Phonedog v. Kravitz, saw Noah Kravitz challenge former employer PhoneDog.com for control of a Twitter account he created and managed while working for the company. When he left after four years, @Phonedog_Noah had over 17,000 followers. Reports differ as to whether PhoneDog asked him to periodically tweet from the account […]

Loves and Loathes: Our feelings about iOS 6

We know that love and loathe are strong words, but when it comes to Apple, there seems to be no middle ground. The newest version of Apple’s operating system for its mobile devices – iOS 6 – has caused so much of an uproar since its release that even CEO Tim Cook apologized for the updated, yet worse, maps. The App Store even curated a list of alternatives for disenfranchised e-cartographers. Apple competitor, Samsung, is taking this opportunity to poke […]
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Which convention stirred up more buzz? #RNC2012 or #DNC2012

As Election Day nears, pollsters release more and more estimates in the race to the White House—there are national polls, state-by-state polls, and polls involving specific demographic characteristics. We know which candidate is seen as “more likeable,” whose wife is the favorite, and we can even find out which candidate Americans think is more capable of handling an alien invasion (President Obama has the lead on this one). The real race, and the real competition—one that is fairly new in […]