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Busy Bees at GWU and Founding Farmers

Every once and a while, we at Beekeeper Group like to post about bee-related stories in the District and beyond.  So when I heard that my alma mater, GWU, recently developed its own urban apiary, I couldn’t resist sharing the story. It turns out that the new bee colony is something to be proud of.  Through a partnership with Founding Farmers, one of DC’s greenest (and tastiest) restaurants, GWU has helped establish the largest restaurant-owned urban apiary in the country.  […]

Un-BEE-lievable Dance Skills for a Cause

In light of the disappearance of honey bees around the world, Haagen-Dazs asks us to consider a world without honeybees. In a microsite that touts “Haagen-Dasz Loves Honey Bees,” the bee-loved ice cream maker teaches us the importance of these insects’ roles in pollenating fresh produce. Naturally, those here at Beekeeper Group couldn’t agree more. This crisis could not only be detrimental to the honey bee population, but it could also severely impact buzz-ness! So, here’s a video from helpthehoneybees.com, […]
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