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Pew Study: ⅓ of Internet Users Are Creating Video Content

You may have heard this buzzing around the web but online video (spoiler alert) is kind of a big deal. In 2009 only 14 percent of users reported that they posted video content online. That number has since spiked to just over 31 percent according to the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. Pew attributes the more than doubling in online video creation to increased popularity of video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo as well as the […]

4 Lessons about Video Mojo We Can Learn from Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches

Here at the Hive, we are often confronted with the question: How do you make a video ‘go’ viral? We may cringe at the phrase, but the fact is the goal in developing any creative content – whether a video, infographic, or animation – is always to make it spread to the largest possible audience. The truth is there is no formula for making a video spread like wildfire. As my colleague, Shana, says, “There’s no ‘viral’ button” that we […]
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Going Viral: Why Your Organization’s Video Doesn’t Need A Billion Views

A couple days ago, our very own Shana Glickfield said, in response to a request to help a make a video go viral, “There is no viral ‘button’.” What Shana means by this is simple – it is obvious that clients and media professionals want our videos to gain massive organic exposure, and viral is the buzzword that’s been adopted to describe this mythical and difficult-to-formulate surge in views. Most videos will be lost in the clutter, and making a video “go […]

“The Fifth Estate” A New Guide to a Successful Media Campaign

The Beekeeper Group recently partnered with Microsoft’s new digital magazine on civic innovation, Publicyte, to host the launch of the new book “The Fifth Estate” , a guide on how to create and sustain a successful media campaign. The event featured author Geoff Livingston, followed by a panel of expert practitioners, sharing their experiences with using new media tools to advocate for their issues online and to not only initiate,  but also sustain a fruitful dialogue with the online community. […]

Airlines Beware of Pocket Video Production

With the release of the latest passenger produced video slamming an airline – this time Delta – for poor customer service (see the video below of U.S. soldiers returning from Afganistan forced to pay $200 out-of-pocket per person in extra bag costs), it made me recall a recent observation from my business partner, Mike Panetta: “Airlines must learn that passengers now have their own production, editing and distribution studios built into their mobile phones. With these tools, a documentary style […]
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Un-BEE-lievable Dance Skills for a Cause

In light of the disappearance of honey bees around the world, Haagen-Dazs asks us to consider a world without honeybees. In a microsite that touts “Haagen-Dasz Loves Honey Bees,” the bee-loved ice cream maker teaches us the importance of these insects’ roles in pollenating fresh produce. Naturally, those here at Beekeeper Group couldn’t agree more. This crisis could not only be detrimental to the honey bee population, but it could also severely impact buzz-ness! So, here’s a video from helpthehoneybees.com, […]
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Advocacy Lessons from YouTube ‘Shopping Haul’ Videos

NPR featured a great story yesterday about the “Shopping Haul” YouTube video trend: NPR Story Here. The ‘shopping haul’ video below that was featured in the story has over 1 million views: Shopping haulers use video to feature their recently purchased shopping items, usually to share discounts and ideas with their blog readers or YouTube Channel viewers. This NPR story focused on one hauler’s shopping trip to Old Navy and another’s recent new dress purchase. Of course our favorite quote was in the lead-in to […]
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YouTube Adds Vuvuzela Button

The jokesters at Google/YouTube are at it again.  This time, they’ve added a small soccer ball icon that blurts out the sound that all World Cup followers love to hate, the Vuvuzela horn.   When the button is clicked, the audio track of the video changes to the sound of the familiar loud horn . It does not appear to be an option in embedded YouTube videos, only those played directly on YouTube.com .  If you have not had a chance […]
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Experts Rate Top Online Tools for Politics and Advocacy

Last week, at the Politics Online Conference 2010, a panel of industry experts assessed some of the top online tools and platforms in terms of their effectiveness for politics and advocacy. The panel also delivered thoughts on the future viability of these platforms by rating them either as a “FAIL – At Risk” (meaning the platform was potentially at risk), or “<3″ – [A.K.A the heart emoticon] (meaning the platform was likely to succeed or continue to succeed). As soon as we get the video of […]