Kudos to the U.S. Army Golden Knights precision parachute team for a timely, funny, clever self-promotion, video response to a recent UFO scare over El Paso. Watch the TV news report and then the Golden Knights’ video produced in response.

Beekeeper Group has often talked about the power of a quick video response to either bring attention to your cause or address PR and advocacy challenges head-on (although try to avoid using copyright protected music like Men-in-Black as this can sometimes lead to your content being removed from YouTube).

Video can now be produced relatively cheaply and with free streaming services like YouTube readily available, it is easy to find a platform to distribute your content and/or embed it on your website, blog or other social media presences.

If you have some examples of videos used to promote your organization or cause, please send it to us and we would be delighted to promote it on this blog.