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It’s that time of year again – when techsperts and social mediaphiles converge on Austin, Texas for South by Southwest® (a.k.a. #SXSW13). Most of us here at Beekeeper Group fall into one of these categories. That’s why we’ve sifted through the hundreds of events and put together this handy list of 10 advocacy-centric sessions you should check out at SXSW.

The list is in chronological order. It’s a free-for-all, so get to the sessions you want to attend early.  Download the mobile apps for SXSW and for the Austin Food Trucks – they’re both lifesavers. #ProTip: When in doubt, hang out on the rooftop at Iron Cactus.

10 Advocacy Sessions You Should Check Out at SXSW®

  • Al Gore on the Future – Saturday, March 9, 3:30PM
    “[A] frank and clear-eyed assessment of the emerging forces that are reshaping our world and will continue to do so in the decades to come.”
  • Who Run the (Internet) World: Women – Sunday, March 10, 11:00AM
    “How do you talk to an audience that primarily wants to talk to each other? Why is the greater Internet dismissive of the power of girls and women?”
  • The Real Responsive Process? – Sunday, March 10, 12:30PM
    “Four industry leaders will delve into how they handle the responsive process or how they don’t.”
  • Big Data Democracy: The Rise of AnalyticsSunday, March 10, 3:30PM
    “[T]op political and technological minds will discuss how mining and analyzing “big data” helps predict – extremely accurately – the behaviors of constituents and the electorate.”
  • The New Serendipity? – Sunday, March 10, 5:00PM
    As we live lives that are more accelerated and connected, with access to tools that help us rapidly express and investigate our ideas are we creating greater conditions for serendipity?
  • Seven Ways to Fail Magnificently – Monday, March 11, 3:45PM
    Ted Murphy, Founder & CEO of IZEA, Ted will share 6 ideas that fell flat (while wasting money and time) and one that paid off.
  • Measuring Social Change & Media: Beyond BS – Monday, March 11 11:00AM
    “This workshop will dramatically demonstrate how the practice of measurement, social media, social change, and networks has evolved over the past 5 years.”

Tweet us your highlights or post them in the comments if you happen to attend any of these. We’d love to hear from you while you’re there!