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Facebook ​has started ​​testing ​​a​​ new ​​feature—splitting​​ the ​​traditional​​ newsfeed into ​​two​​separate ​​feeds.​​ In Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Slovakia, Serbia, Guatemala, and Cambodia, ​​​users’ primary​​ feed now ​​contains​​ original​​ content from​​ your ​​friends​​ along ​​with​​ paid ​​content. ​The second ​​feed ​​includes​​ posts​​ from​​ pages​​ you follow ​​and ​​other ​​non-promoted ​​items.

This​​ change​​ is ​​another ​​in ​​a ​​long​​ line ​​as ​​digital​​ platforms ​​try ​​to ​​figure ​​out ​​what ​​users​​ want.​​ While it ​​may​​ seem ​​radical, ​​the​​ writing ​​is ​​on ​​the​​ wall.​​ Gmail​​ already​​ sorts​​ your ​​emails​​ into​​ different inboxes​​ to ​​make ​​it​​ more​​ manageable.​​ And ​​Facebook, ​​Instagram,​​ and​​ Twitter​​ have ​​all ​​moved away ​​from​​ ordering ​​posts ​​chronologically ​​to ​​algorithm-​​based ​​models.

The ​​implications ​​of​​ this​​ latest​​ change:​​ Users ​​may​​ only ​​look​​ at​​ what​​ their​​ friends​​ are ​​sharing along ​​with ​​the ​​promoted​​ content.​​ Everything​​ else​​ may ​​never ​​be ​​seen.

Could ​​this ​​latest​​ feed ​​split ​​mean​​ double ​​trouble​​ for ​​your​​ organization’s​​ advocacy ​​efforts?​​ It doesn’t​​ have ​​to. Here ​​are​​ five ways ​​to ​​prepare:

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