Are you an Advocacy leader? This is a question you will likely hear from us pretty often from now on as we kick-off the first Advocacy Leaders Network event on December 9: Breaking Through on Capitol Hill: Making Noise vs. Making a Difference.

From the initial response to this new conference series it is clear that there are a large number of advocacy leaders out there. Advocacy leaders have much in common. Aside from having a difficult time describing to friends and family what we actually do for a living, we also share a genuine interest in helping Congress and the political process work better for all citizens.

With that in mind, we would like you to consider joining as a contributor to the Advocacy Leaders Network Blog, scheduled to launch in early 2012. Please complete this form if you think you may have something to add to an ongoing discussion of issues impacting the advocacy industry and the professionals within its ranks. You may post once, or you may become a regular contributor, the choice is yours – either way, we would love to have you join as part of the Advocacy Leaders Network.


The Advocacy Leaders Network is hosted by the Congressional Management Foundation and produced by Beekeeper Group.