Join us the week of February 13-17 as Beekeeper Group celebrates Social Media Week here in D.C.  Hosted in only 9 cities around the globe, Social Media Week is a global platform, offering a series of interconnected events and conversations on up-and-coming developments in social and mobile media.  Connect with us and help us examine how these new forms of collaboration have drastically changed the way we gain knowledge and share information.  Social Media Week 2012 will embrace the theme of  Empowering Change through Collaboration, examining how social media acts as a facilitator for change in economics, culture and politics.  More in the video below:

The Social Media Week D.C. Advisory Board (of which I’m honored to be a Member) has been working hard to provide many ways to participate.  Currently, D.C. already has 27 events scheduled, including various workshops, dinners, documentary viewings and even a pub quiz!  Each of these events is designed to generate conversation amongst social media advocates on the trends and developments that have generated and encouraged significant change all over the world.

Not interested in attending any of the listed events? Host your own! Social Media Week welcomes your submissions, just be sure to submit before January 31st!