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    Tom Donnelly

    Beekeeper Group is thrilled to welcome Tom Donnelly to the team. With his breadth of knowledge ranging from digital campaigns and social media strategy to issues management, advocacy, and grassroots, Tom has already become an asset to the Hive.

    Tom has more than 30 years of experience in government…

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    I love it when someone builds a new Facebook app that takes a web-based function and re-creates it inside of the Facebook architecture.  Whether you’re moving a product or driving advocacy-based action, addressing your Facebook audience with a tool that gets the job done without linking visitors to an outside website is the best way to go.

    That’s why I’m impressed by Delta Airlines new Ticket Window Facebook App.  You can actually search for flights and book tickets directly from the Delta Facebook Page.   The app is…

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    I admit it.  I’m overwhelmed by apps.  I don’t even have the app leading iPhone, but I feel like I’m swimming in an endless pool of apps on my Android phone.  I can’t even imagine what the poor iPhone users feel.  I rely on a few trusted tech blogs and word-of-mouth to find useful apps these days.  Searching through the store of available apps on my phone is a fruitless activity, with too many apps that claim to do the same thing causing more confusion than clarity.

    Is this really the future of mobile and the mobile web?  In our non-mobile computing, we’ve been moving away…