In preparation for the upcoming 2012 Public Affairs Council National Grassroots Conference in Miami, Beekeeper Group put together this video depicting our mascot’s search for his Valentine. Though the clip itself is short, the filmmaking process was anything but. From brainstorming story ideas to filming within the constraints of a single room, to stitching together and editing clips, the Beekeeper staff had its hands full. Fortunately, we were up to the challenge.  Tackling each aspect individually (and leaving ourselves plenty of time), the team was able to slowly assemble the finished product. Although this was an internal, company-oriented project, we approached it as we would any client-based endeavor: setting milestones and tailoring it to a specific audience (the public affairs/public advocacy community). These two elements – fixed, realistic objectives and knowing your audience – are critical to any successful advocacy campaign.

The video also features a contest invitation. Viewers/interested individuals can nominate a colleague to be visited by the Beekeeper Bee through our website or via Twitter. For the latter, tweet #BeeMine along with your colleague’s name, workplace and city, and mention @BeekeeperGroup. The winner will receive a basket of goodies delivered in-person to their workplace by the Bee on Valentine’s Day.*


*Applies only to individuals with offices inside the Beltway. Those who work outside the DC area will have a gift mailed to them.