Smackdown? Yes, smackdown.  The idea behind the “smackdown” was to demonstrate the power of one of the tactics suggested in our community building presentation itself.   Using humor!

Myself, Adam Rosenberg of Edelman Digital, and Steve Ressler of GovLoop, used humor to generate attention to our Netroots Nation 2011 panel by incorporating a wrestling theme.   And it worked! The packed room of attendees were eager to learn how to build and sustain a community online, which is no easy task with the attention deficit of today’s media landscape and lack of resources often within organizations.

So what are the secrets to success?  Here are just a few of the tips that we shared:

1)    Define your niche (or the problem you are solving) around something that you’re passionate about.
2)    No matter what type of entity, you are a BRAND and you need to do MARKETING.
3)    Embrace social media, but don’t forget to embrace offline activities too!
4)    Always put yourself in the user’s shoes and address “What’s in it for me?”
5)    Crowdsource content through internal and external experts/stakeholders.
6)    Set goals and then use metrics to identify trends and update your strategy.

Check out the slides below for the full … well… smackdown!