Beekeeper Group was proud to assist the U.S Conference of Catholic Bishops to produce and launch their Virtual World Youth Day website and Facebook App which went live earlier this week.

This fun new tool allows people to create their own custom avatar and then join a ‘Virtual Pilgrimage’ to World Youth Day to be held in Madrid in August. World Youth Day is a huge celebration held every two to three years in different cities. Thousands of Catholic youth attend and look forward to their chance to see and hear the Pope in-person and to participate in a week-long program of events.

However, not everyone can make the long trip to Madrid, which is why the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops conceived the Virtual World Youth Day to help those who couldn’t attend still feel part of the celebration. Users can see their avatar in their home location on a world map, or they can find their ‘virtual’ selves on a Google map of Madrid. Using Facebook sharing tools, users can also let their friends and family know that they have joined the virtual pilgrimage and encourage them to join as well.

The tool is not just useful for connecting Catholics to the World Youth Day event, it also helps create a great local database of Catholics who opt to have their information shared with their local home parish.

Stay tuned on the Virtual World Youth Day Facebook page for updates about the event, and live steamed video directly from the Madrid festivities when World Youth Day officially commences.

And yes, that is my avatar on the right (I like this avatar so much better than my Wii-Fit avatar because it’s substantially slimmer).