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    How to secure Hill meetings for your D.C. fly-in

    Spring and summer are not only the season of tourists in our nation’s capital; they are also the seasonal beholder of the fly-in (or lobby day, Hill day, or summit). Yes, that’s right – it’s not just anxious museum visitors you have to be wary of in the crosswalks. There are thousands of people crossing paths with us all season who are here…

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    You may have heard by now that Gmail, Google’s web-based email client, is undergoing some pretty drastic changes. We like this video from Mashable, which explains the ins-and-outs of the changes.

    Our two biggest takeaways (so far):

    1) The new, re-designed Gmail may hide important advocacy messages. By separating all mail into tabs, users may not see outreach messages from advocacy organizations, as they typically would.

    Up until now, new messages piled…

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    CRM Wordle

    Every advocacy group needs a way to organize its constituents. Often times, managing hundreds or thousands of supporters or potential advocates, organizations deal with thousands of pieces of data about their members. Organizing all of that data into a logical and easy-to-access database requires more than a simple spreadsheet. This database is called a CRM, or as we call in the advocacy world, a…

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    Beekeeper Group celebrated its two-year anniversary last Thursday by participating in a day of service at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library. Staffers and Partners worked with job-seekers crafting resumes, writing cover letters, and filling out applications. The experience made a particularly significant impression…