Last Friday Beekeeper Group ran our first official April Fool’s Day prank. As was hoped, our friends and colleagues were buzzing about it for most of that day.

You can see our prank email below that played off the fear of most email users – that a confidential internal email with sensitive information was accidently sent to outside contacts. When the recipient clicked the link titled “Social Media Strategy Memo” they were directed here.

Did you fall for it and click the link? Come-on, you can admit your guilty pleasure of maybe getting some inside, confidential information. Perhaps you were one of the many honest ones who deleted the email or contacted us to let us know you had received the email by mistake. Kudos to you for doing the right thing! If you didn’t click the link, please feel free to do so now – you will enjoy the result.

Beekeeper Group’s April Fools Day E-mail

Some great responses we received (names have been removed to protect the gullible):

  • “Matt – FYI – somehow your email came through to me.  It appears to be sensitive.  Rest assured I will delete it immediately.” 
  • “Ohh that is so clever!!  Happy April Fools to you and your team!”
  • “Did you intend to send this to me?  It’s mark confidential and contains proprietary information so I don’t want to open tithe link if it was sent to me by mistake. I hope you’re doing well – we need to catch up soon!”
  • “HAhahahaha, you got me man. I’m still laughing, first time I’ve been rick rolled, that’s awesome, that is a bona-fide “win” my friend.”
  • “hah, very nice. unfortunately I’m professional enough that when I receive incorrect emails from clients I immediately notify + delete them :-)”
  • “Well played.  Very clever.  You guys definitely have your own style. I feel ashamed I’ve been Rick-Rolled, and am more ashamed to admit I actually bought that album back in the day. Thanks for the laugh.”
  •  “You should know that [Name removed] and I would both read confidential memos if you accidentally sent them to us!”
  • ” Ha!  Man, was your email good.  Totally got me! Who is that lunatic in the bee costume?”
  • “Took me a day to get to this…. very funny :)”