The Public Affairs Council is hosting a webinar on March 24th focusing on building successful coalitions. Should be an interesting event.

They also have some great supporting materials (Considerations for Building and Managing Coalitions and Managing Coaltions During a Crisis) that are free to members and relatively cheap for non-members. Please find the details below:


March 24, 2011
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm, EST

In a politically divided America and Congress, it’s increasingly common to hear “us vs. them,” “red state vs. blue state” and “our plan vs. your plan.” Such rhetoric draws lines that divide.
Good coalitions work because they bring together disparate groups, seek common ground and speak with one voice. Well-run coalitions are often better positioned to achieve what individual groups cannot – increased trust, debate on solutions and legislative impact.
Learn what makes successful coalitions work, including:

• Management and structure — from finding partners and funding to leadership and participation
• Information flow and communication
• Setting and working toward internal and external goals
• Working through challenges (and there will be challenges)
• Using transparency to build trust in a skeptical world