PPG Conference Agenda FINAL 5-13-14 (1)-3.pdfThere are a few PACs in Washington that I’m sure will see a boost of activity, and not just because of mid-term elections.  Attendees of the recent Women in Government Relations: PAC, Politics & Grassroots Conference learned new ways to inspire support, participation and increased contributions to meet their PAC goals thanks to the following speakers:

  • Lisa D. T. Rice, Political and External Affairs Strategist (Moderator)
  • Mica Evans Hider, Director Federal Affairs, American Chemistry Council
  • Meaghan Killion Joyce, Political Affairs Manager, International Paper
  • Suzy Sterner, Director, Congressional Relations, Exelis

Here are some of the key tactics they shared that you can apply to boost your PAC today:

1)  Go Peer to Peer – Sometimes the most influential messenger is a peer, rather than the boss (or especially the PAC Manager).  Research showed the people were more likely to sign-up for their PAC when asked by a trusted colleague.

2) Tie Issues to Bottom Line – Not everyone is a political junkie, so it helps to tie wonky issues back to the company bottom line.  Also, take the common challenge of questionable impact head on.  Use a tone to let people know they have a say and that they can recommend which candidates receive support.

3) Know Your Audience – Different audiences will respond to different themes, rewards, and messages.  If you’re trying to engage CEOs, then you want to do a big ticket raffle (Superbowl tickets, vacations, etc.) rather than a wacky fundraiser.

4) Set Contribution Guidelines – Revise and share the suggested contribution amounts based on pay level scales.  One PAC saw a big increase just by raising up the lowest suggested contribution amount.

5) Make it Fun! – Themed campaigns get people buzzing around the office.  Use a unique and memorable theme throughout activities, outreach, and giveaways.

6) Say Thank You – Just like any other fundraising campaign, it’s important that people are recognized for the contribution.  If you can have a VIP call and thank them, that’s great, but even just hand-written notes or a phone call can make people feel appreciated.