On Friday, December 9, the Advocacy Leaders Network event series kicked off at the Bloomberg Government offices. We were pleased to host a full house at the first of four advocacy-specific events hosted by the Congressional Management Foundation and produced by the Beekeeper Group.

The event theme, “Breaking Through on Capitol Hill:  Making Noise vs. Making a Difference,” triggered a high-level of engagement and intense discussion between the panelists and the audience.

The speakers’ advice on how to get Hill staffers to listen to you was hands-on: “Make an appointment, tell the truth and know the other side,” said Ed McDonald, Chief of Staff and Press Secretary for Rep. Howard Coble.

Former Congressman Dan Mica talked about timing your advocacy efforts: “The most important time to lobby is when you don’t need it,” he said. “If you wait until the issue is red hot…you are way behind.”  Mica also pointed out that successful advocates should know “how high the hill is that they have to climb” in addition to preparing on the issues.

“We spend so much time getting ready to present our issues we don’t know who we’re presenting to….know the Member’s voting record, research their contributions,” Mica concluded. “You can never ask a member to vote against his or her own self-interest.”

ALN Event Series Continues in 2012

Mark your calendars for the next Advocacy Leaders Network event on Friday, March 9, 2012! The topic will be “Mapping Your Political and Economic Footprint:  Identifying Advocacy Assets and the Art of Modern Story Telling.”

Register for this event at http://march9th2012.eventbrite.com/ or get a discounted series ticket at http://seriesticket.eventbrite.com/