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Beekeeper Group's Hive Nation offers creative advocacy websites on a budget

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A fast and affordable solution to build your advocacy website and start growing your community.

  • Beekeeper Group is well known for designing visually stunning, award winning websites and creating innovative digital solutions for advocacy clients looking to drive action or educate policy-makers and constituents. But we do also understand that sometimes a fully customized web platform isn’t needed. Instead, some clients want a more cost-effective option without skimping on the tools and features they require most to run an effective advocacy campaign.
  • With this in mind, Beekeeper Group has teamed-up with NationBuilder to provide a range of budget-friendly website community solutions. Starting at just $3,995, and able to launch within 10 business days, Hive Nation may be the advocacy website package you have been looking for!
  • If these more limited Hive Nation packages do not best fit your needs, please contact a Beekeeper Group representative to discuss a custom solution.

Our Hive Nation clients include:

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Our award-winning work has been recognized by:

Public Affairs Council Logo AAPC Pollie Awards Conference Logo PR Week Logo The SABRE Award North America Logo The Telly Awards Logo The Webby Awards Logo Washington Women in Public Relations Logo


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Hive Nation's key features include:

  • Packages that scale with your budget
  • Distinct and professional mobile-friendly responsive website designs
  • Quick turnaround website build (starting at two weeks for delivery)
  • Powerful Nationbuilder CRM platform
  • Technical support
  • Petition pages and fundraising tools
  • Ability to add third party data
  • Social media integration with social matching
  • Unlimited admin seats
  • And more!


Fill out the form to the right for more information on how you can get your hands on your own Hive Nation.

telephone: 202-540-8787
address: 1101 14th St. NW Suite 200 Washington DC 20005

Production Timeline

Kickoff &


Production of your Hive Nation site begins at kickoff. We’ll help you collect the content (images and text) you will need to tell your story. For our packages that include design resources, we'll also assist with implementing your branding guidelines and color set to create a site that looks and feels the way you want it to.


Development starts once we receive all of your final content. This process moves quickly, and we'll keep you updated throughout. Where needed, we will solicit approvals before proceeding.


Website launch is scheduled according to the pre-determined timeline of your chosen package. Beekeeper Group takes care of all launch details for the site, from testing all features, to liaising with NationBuilder to flip the switch on your new Hive Nation.


The post-launch, ongoing support package with Beekeeper Group can be put towards any post launch edits, updates, and additions. And should you need additional design support or strategic messaging, Beekeeper has you covered.

Compare Packages

Basic Expanded Tailored
Limited, so you can get something live—fast Uniquely branded without reinventing the wheel Custom designed to make your campaign stand out
Launch Timeline (Business Days) tooltip icon

The number of business days to complete the website from final client content delivery to launch ready website. Assumes finalized content provided from client before commencing website build and ongoing client approvals within 24–48 hours.

10 Business Days 20 Business Days 40* Business Days
Website Platform NationBuilder NationBuilder NationBuilder
Website Pricing (One Time Fee) $3,995 $8,995 $13,995
Ongoing Support and Strategic Services (3 Month Minimum) tooltip icon

Beekeeper Group will help keep your community on the path to success. Clients can select any Beekeeper Group services starting at as little as 5 hours per month (@ $180 p/h). Services include website content edits and updates, general design services, marketing and recruitment, media relations, copywriting, advertising placement, social media management, strategic messaging, and/ or stakeholder engagement. View our full list of offerings here:

Starting at $900 per month Starting at $900 per month Starting at $900 per month

Custom Design

Create a Custom NationBuilder Website Theme tooltip icon

NationBuilder’s robust theming system allows changes to official themes or to create custom themes using HTML or CSS. This allows clients to customize any element of their website and have access to all the objects and variables that make NationBuilder so powerful.

x mark x mark checkmark
Includes (1) Custom Designed Homepage tooltip icon

Beekeeper Group will design and develop one custom designed homepage within the parameters of the NationBuilder platform.

x mark x mark checkmark
Includes (1) Custom Designed General Internal Page tooltip icon

Beekeeper Group will design and develop one custom internal page template using NationBuilder’s Basic Pages API. This may be used across the website, as many times as needed.

x mark x mark checkmark
Includes (1) Custom Designed Splash Page OR Sign-Up Page tooltip icon

Beekeeper Group will design and develop one custom Splash Page or Sign-up page emphasizing a client selected action.

x mark x mark checkmark
Ability to Add Additional Custom Designed Pages tooltip icon

Client can select additional pages to be custom designed based on existing Nationbuilder functionality. Additional charges apply.

x mark x mark checkmark

Content, Design, and CSS Support

Choose From Multiple NationBuilder Website Themes tooltip icon

Nationbuilder has a range of publicly available website themes that clients may select. All themes are responsive, meaning they automatically resize to fit the format of a visitors device, from desktops to tablets to smartphones.

checkmark checkmark checkmark
Content Entry tooltip icon

Beekeeper Group to enter content based on finalized content provided from client in advance.

checkmark checkmark checkmark
Copywriting & Copyediting tooltip icon

Beekeeper Group can provide copywriting and copyediting services to assist with client content including content recommendations, producing original copy, and editing existing client copy. Additional charges may apply if copywriting and copyediting services exceeds the included hours.

x mark Up to 5 Hrs Up to 10 Hrs
Design Support & CSS Updates tooltip icon

Beekeeper Group can provide design support to incorporate client’s selected color scheme onto existing NationBuilder templates, edit client provided images and logos, or to edit NationBuilder template design elements including web buttons and banners. Additional charges may apply if the required design support exceeds the included hours.

x mark Up to 10 Hrs Up to 15 Hrs
Image Search Assistance tooltip icon

Beekeeper Group can provide image recommendations from our library of stock photography and illustrations for use on slides, homepage images, featured content on internal pages, and blog posts, etc. Additional charges may apply for licenced stock image purchases.

Up to 3 Hrs Up to 5 Hrs Up to 7 Hrs

Website and Community Features

Responsive Design tooltip icon

Mobile and tablet friendly design.

checkmark checkmark checkmark
Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) Database tooltip icon

CRM software allows an organization to manage and organize its constituent data to help build stronger relationships and encourage improved interactions.

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Membership Tools tooltip icon

NationBuilder offers a range of membership tools including creating multiple membership types, adding membership status to a contact profile, automated membership renewal, and granting membership or status for taking action on the website. Membership data can also easily be exported by membership type.

checkmark checkmark checkmark
Reporting and Analytics tooltip icon

Through NationBuilder’s third party integrations, organizations may track NationBuilder website conversions as goals in Google Analytics and other platforms.

checkmark checkmark checkmark
Constituent Mapping tooltip icon

Allows clients to visually display a representation of their constituents by overlaying their location on a map.

checkmark checkmark checkmark
Ability to Add Third Party Data tooltip icon

Voter files and other behavioral, demographic, and consumer data may be imported to grow your Hive Nation.

checkmark checkmark checkmark
Event Management Tools tooltip icon

NationBuilder allows you to easily create events and sync them across platforms due to their support of a wide variety of third party integrations.

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Leaderboards and Supporter Rewards tooltip icon

A leaderboard is a public or private ranking of the supporters who have taken action towards achieving your nation’s goals. Use leaderboards to identify and empower leaders in your community. Find (and reward!) your top recruiters and contributors. Display leaderboards on your website and acknowledge the supporters who are making the most valuable contributions to your organization.

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Petition Page(s) tooltip icon

A petition is a great way to galvanize your supporters and encourage them to invite other people to join your cause.

checkmark checkmark checkmark
Volunteer Sign-Up tooltip icon

People can volunteer to help your organization through a Volunteer sign-up page, which may be set-up either as a page that asks people generally whether they would like to volunteer or as a page that encourages people to sign up for a particular role.

checkmark checkmark checkmark
Fundraising Tools tooltip icon

Not only can you keep track of pledges and manage donations, NationBuilder’s fundraising tools allows you to build relationships with donors through appointed fundraisers within your Hive Nation.

checkmark checkmark checkmark
Social Media Integration with Social Matching tooltip icon

From within your nation you can post directly to Twitter and Facebook, prompt your supporters to share your website content, track people who have liked your content, and automatically link supporters’ social media accounts to their profile in your nation.

checkmark checkmark checkmark
Email Platform with A/B Testing, Scheduling, and List Segmentation tooltip icon

Create, segment, test, preview, and schedule your email blasts all within NationBuilder’s platform.

checkmark checkmark checkmark
Standard Email Template tooltip icon

You may choose from a selection of publicly available NationBuilder website templates themes.

checkmark checkmark checkmark
Unlimited Admin Users tooltip icon

Via control panel access, website administrators are able to see the people database, create web pages, send mass communication, or deal with a nation's finances.

checkmark checkmark checkmark

Optional Add-ons

SSL Certificate tooltip icon

*Available Only for NationBuilder Enterprise Level Clients.

checkmark* checkmark* checkmark*
Email Template tooltip icon

Beekeeper Group’s design and development teams can customize a publicly available NationBuilder email template to suit your unique needs. Custom email templates are also available for an additional charge.

$1,800 each $1,800 each $1,800 each
Donation Processing tooltip icon

Client to establish their own merchant account supported by NationBuilder.

checkmark checkmark checkmark
Additional Custom Designed Website Page tooltip icon

Beekeeper Group’s design and development team can build additional internal, splash, landing, action, donation, and sign-up pages upon request.

x mark x mark $1,800 each
Additional Beekeeper Group Services (for clients under contract only) tooltip icon

- Content Creation
- Design Support
- Website Support
- Strategic Services

$180 per hour $180 per hour $180 per hour
Add a “Legislative Action Center” tooltip icon

Clients can select an action center tool that integrates with the NationBuilder platform or Beekeeper Group can embed an action center tool from a third party platform. Requires client to separately contract with third party Action Center tool

x mark $500 $500

Beekeeper can also develop comprehensive custom plans, incorporating all or more of the above elements. Please contact us for pricing options.


What makes Hive Nation such an inexpensive solution when compared to other firms and platforms?

Hive Nation is more budget-friendly because we are leveraging the NationBuilder CMS and its existing templates and toolsets. This allows us to keep costs down while still delivering a unique, robust advocacy website. What you give up in customization, you gain in cost savings. However, Hive Nation is not intended for everyone, and if you have unique requirements, we can build out a custom solution for you.

Why is NationBuilder the platform of choice for Hive Nation?

Hive Nation is built on the NationBuilder CMS because NationBuilder was specifically created for advocacy campaigns and community outreach efforts. Its robust suite of tools empower clients to build communities and drive them to action. For a reasonable monthly fee (that scales with the size of your community) you can access features that would normally only be available to a custom website 10x this cost.

What if I want to build my website on another platform?

Beekeeper Group can develop custom websites on a range of platforms outside of this Hive Nation offering. Please contact us to talk through your needs and assess what platform may be the right fit for your organization's goals.

I already have a community on NationBuilder but would like to use your website services.

We are always happy to help your Hive thrive! Please contact us to talk through how this would change the process.

What if my organization is already using another CRM or a mix of advocacy tools?

A lot of tools already integrate with NationBuilder, making the transition seamless. In the event where there is not an existing integration, we can embed the tool in the website or provide the tool with the website design comps so they can equip us to link to provider pages.

How do I move my website off of NationBuilder?

Hive Nation is built on the NationBuilder platform, so if you are looking for a website that can be more easily transferred across platforms then please contact us for a custom solution. This process is generally made easier by continued client ownership of design files and content, which Beekeeper Group can provide at any time.

Could I start with the basic package and then add on features down the road?

Additional work may be covered by an ongoing support package with Beekeeper Group or may be subject to additional charges for more substantive work. Depending on how extensive these additions are, it may be more cost-effective to build a new iteration of your website on the existing domain. Please see our different packages for pricing options.

Why does the content for the website need to be provided up front? What if I want to begin the website build but I do not have final content ready?

Hive Nation is a deliberately limited website solution where the build process has been streamlined to keep costs down and ensure that timelines are met. By understanding the breadth of content we are working with, we can quickly come up with a plan of action that would only require minimal changes throughout the process. If you need help with content development and organization, these services are available at additional cost.

What is the process for approval and edits along the way?

Our Hive Nation timelines are built to accommodate 24-48 hour client approval turnaround for edits across the process. Clients need to give their approval at each stage of the process in order for our team to proceed with their website build. Should you need additional rounds of edits, or more time for edits, we can extend our timelines (additional charges may apply).

What is the process for post-launch edits and updates?

Any post launch edits, updates, and additions may be covered by the client’s ongoing support package with Beekeeper Group or may be subject to additional charges for more substantive work.

What services does my ongoing support package cover?

Your ongoing support package with Beekeeper Group (minimum of 5 hours per month) can be put towards any Beekeeper Group services. Need design support or strategic messaging? Beekeeper has you covered. View our full list of offerings here: