I recently gave a presentation at the Association Foundation Group’s annual conference on using social media for fundraising.

Millions of people are actively using social media everyday to stay connected with friends, family and the latest news. Savvy association fundraisers are also starting to leverage these tools to increase contributions and foster deeper connections with their donor base.

The biggest take-away I tried to impart on the audience was that social media fundraising is still in its infancy and is just a drop in the bucket amount compared to what’s raised via traditional websites. I tried to make it clear to participants that organizations that engage in social media as a two way medium and engage with their online community will eventually have more success with any fundraising efforts. At the end of the day, the deeper connect a person feels with the organization, the more likely they will be to give money — which is no really different than the way it’s always been.

My slides are below.

Using Social Media for Fundraising: Beekeeper Group