Videos are a great way to deliver your message in an engaging and entertaining format.  Videos help to humanize issues and foster emotional connections with viewers that are difficult to recreate using other mediums.  They are also perfect for sharing across social networks, playing at events or conferences, or sending to policymakers. Whether it’s testimonials, short documentaries, or animations, we’re proud of the way we use video content tells a story in unique ways.

Take a look at a few of the projects we have produced for our clients:

Advocacy Videos:

This video features a focused message via real-life testimonials to commemorate the American Heart Association’s 30th anniversary of their advocacy department.

American Heart Association: Lobby Day 2012

Message Driven Animations:

Animations are a fun and creative way to tell a story or explain a complex issue. These pieces take a more light-hearted approach to important issues, but still drive home the core of a given message. Check out our work with the National Academy of Public Administration and Blackboard to see what we mean:

National Debt Video

Blackboard Promotional Animation