lobbydayA 2010 study predicted that by 2015, users accessing the web with a mobile device would exceed desktop internet use.  As people increasingly consume information on smartphones and tablets, we’re committed to developing mobile campaigns that utilize text messaging, customized mobile applications and responsive web design so clients are able to cultivate their hive and manage the buzz while on-the-go.

Lobby Day Application

Lobby Day is a mobile application that we customize for our clients to use during their advocacy days, as an ongoing advocacy app, as a conference app, or as a report/toolkit app.  Lobby Day gives activists the tools they need to stay on message, promote an issue or cause on Capitol Hill, and simultaneously create a “public echo” back in their home states and legislative districts.

Learn more about our Lobby Day App here.

You can see a demo of Beekeeper Group’s Lobby Day in the both the iTunes and Google Play app stores, or contact us to arrange a demo at apps@beekeepergroup.com or at (202) 540-8787.

Text Messaging Campaigns

Sometimes text messaging is the most efficient and effective way to reach your desired audience.  We implement short code campaigns for clients who want to reach people that may not be tied to a desk all day and are therefore more accessible via SMS.  These campaigns can be informational, advocacy-oriented, information-gathering, or any combination thereof.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design is type of site design that formats a website to be optimally viewed on smartphones and tablets by identifying the size of the screen the user has and then rendering pages accordingly. By developing sites with this technology, we create a positive user experience for the site visitor with the same content regardless of the device they’re using.