responsiveHaving a strong web presence is fundamental to a comprehensive communications or advocacy campaign.  Our approach to web development includes:

  • Selecting the Content Management System
  • Creative branding and design
  • Taking advantage of open-source plug-ins and API’s
  • Mobile Optimization (responsive design)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Client usability

Because we pride ourselves on a thorough website process, we typically follow this outline when developing a new site:


Here, we identify target audiences for the site. Next, we establish communication and conversion goals for the targeted audience. With those in mind, we determine the website functionality, and proceed with preparing a design.


After gathering the necessary information for building your site, we become experts in all-things-you. We learn your brand language and understand its existing presence to ensure our ideas align with your identity. Next we determine layouts and design homepages and internal pages, which are sent to the client for approval.


Our planning and strategy come to fruition in development. Here, we implement the flexibility of the site backend and integrate our site with other software like Convio, Salsa Labs and Salesforce, depending on our client’s needs. This gives our clients a suite of organizing tools to effectively cultivate and manage the buzz of their supporters.

We also implement widgets and apps like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. This creates a social media presence on your site where supporters can easily access your content. This stage is complete after rigorous testing of the new site to ensure proper functionality.


After the quality assurance review, we work with and train website administrators, giving our clients the freedom to manage their website effectively. We communicate with our clients to ensure they are satisfied with every aspect of their new site. We can also prepare hosting and officially launch the site.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our design and development services.