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    What makes great User Experience? How do we approach creating it? We are partnering with the New York Code + Design Academy this month to discuss the principles, and processes that lead to amazing experiences at the intersection of technology and people. We’ll highlight products and websites that have addressed real human needs through thoughtfully-crafted UX. Plus we’ll discuss the best ways to partner with designers, developers, and product managers to work towards impactful experiences.

    Beekeeper Group is proud to host this event in our space!


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    For designers working in or with federal agencies, the steps involved in getting a project from kick-off to launch may feel very different from working with private-sector clients. All the reviews, approvals and regulations can make day-to-day work frustrating. But these rules exist for a reason. When you understand what drives the decision-making of your government clients, you’ll start to see how your work fits in the larger context — and how it contributes to meaningful, substantive and positive change in people’s lives.

    Our guest speakers are two senior leaders from