Beekeeper Group was thrilled to be part of yet another first-rate Public Affairs Council Grassroots Conference last week in Miami Beach. It’s pretty tough to beat warm weather, a cool breeze, sandy beaches and of course, the top Public Affairs professionals in the country! Corporations, non-profits, trade associations and prominent vendors and consultants gathered from all over for a week of presentations, networking and professional development. Here are our top 10 highlights:

  1. Congressional Management Foundation’s Bradford Fitch gave an excellent presentation on how technology is changing the way Congress works, using CMF’s Inside the Hill video series.
  2. Kathryn Harbath of Facebook shared her wealth of knowledge in a presentation on creating the ideal Facebook page for advocacy. She also offered superb Facebook 101 and 202 workshops on utilizing all the grassroots tools Facebook has to offer-.
  3. Our own Travis Gianchetta was part of a new panel entitled “Going Public: Identifying and Recruiting New Advocates Online.” After opening with a water mishap and a warning to future presenters on the hazards of the podium’s slanted top, Travis discussed strategy for identifying and recruiting new advocates online.
  4. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce gave a comprehensive presentation on social media strategy, complete with a “PLS RT” license plate from speaker Nick Schaper. Talk about dedication!
  5. Voting was very competitive for our Bee Mine contest, with participants eager for their colleagues to receive a surprise visit at the office from the Bee on Valentine’s Day (stay tuned for updates and winners).
  6. The Public Affairs Council discussed the results of a new, landmark survey on public attitudes on business and government. The results demonstrated the expectations people have for companies and which lobbying techniques resonated most with the public.
  7. Entergy, American Heart Association and American Motorcycle Association were this year’s recipients of Grassroots Innovation Awards.
  8. Justin Beland and Yvette Williams won our honorary comedians of the conference award as they shared some hilarious hospital related humor in their presentations on grassroots advocacy at the state level.
  9. Uh, did we mention the conference was in Miami?! Networking sessions held beachfront were a great way for us to enjoy the local comforts while mingling with other professionals. Can’t beat this view!
  10. David Lusk of Society for Human Resource Management presented on the art of building grassroots champions to speak and lead on your behalf.

What were your favorite moments of the 2012 PAC Grassroots Conference? Share them with us in the comment section below!