The city might be the last place you would think of harvesting an entire bee colony, but that’s just what recently happened on the 300 block of C Street SE.  A tree meant for removal because of its dead limbs quickly turned into a neighborhood project to “save the bees.” The discovery of a 30,000 – 50,000 strong bee colony inside the tree’s trunk led to a community of beekeepers, the DDOT, and the DC Council coming together. Despite the threat of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), this tree colony continued to buzz, making it through harsh winters and humid summers over the years.

The story unfolds at this blog – with amazing photographs as well. I’d encourage you to read it to learn something about bees and their habitats. Thanks to the community, these honey makers are now safely living in the Franciscan Monestary. From Beekeepers to beekeepers, we’d like to say “thanks” to the DC community for taking care of our buzzing friends.