Beekeeper Group attended the Media Future Now discussion of Search in the future of media and its role on the web, held at the New America Foundation DC office. The event was inspired by the Wired Magazine article, The Web Is Dead”, which proposes that apps will replace the need to search for traditional web pages. This discussion explored many ways in which the Internet is used and the long and short term effects apps will have on the conventional web Search.

The speakers for this discussion included: Vanessa Fox of Nine by Blue, author of “Marketing in the Age of Google”, and creator of Google’s Webmaster Central. Ronald Goodstein, Associate Professor of Marketing at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. Geoff Livingston, co-founder of Zoetica, as well as Beth Shankle, research Director of the National Press Club.

The consensus was that although consumers are shying away from open- ended search methods, apps are nothing more than organizational tools, and Search is still at the core of how the Internet is used. Search has become a key component of social media as well, allowing the user to choose how they wish to engage in their online environment. Search tools use behavioral data and demographics to tailor results to the interests of each user, creating a richer experience according to some, or creating a homogeneous environment according to others. In any case, apps augment the search experience for users by allowing individuals to find exactly what they’re looking for, whenever or wherever they want it. Because apps exist for every facet of our lives, online and off, users are able to stay connected to, and filter through, Search more than ever before.

The video of this event can be found on the Media Future Now website.Beekeeper Group found the discussion to be quite interesting, we hope you will watch the footage and weigh in with your own opinions below!