This fall, Beekeeper Group has a few new worker bees in the hive. We thought it’d be a fun idea to have them write introductory posts about each other. We are excited to have this talented duo, although we’ll certainly miss having Hannah Levy around (thanks for your hard work!)

Read on to get to know Tayler Lofquist and Salomone Baquis – and their hilarious takes on their first impressions of Beekeeper, each other, and much more. Enjoy!

Tayler Lofquist, Account Coordinator

When I learned I would be starting at Beekeeper on the same day as Salomone, one thought came immediately to mind:  how in the world do you pronounce his name?  I didn’t want to be “that girl” who messed it up on the first day, and I secretly hoped that he just went by Sal.

But soon after meeting my fellow newbie, those fears were dispelled.  His Twitter name provides an easy, phonetic answer to my question (sol-uh-min, in case you were wondering) and he seemed laid back enough that any mistake on my part would have been taken in stride.

Our first day in the office allowed Salomone and I to get to know each other while also being introduced to the ins and outs of Beekeeper.  We found out that we are both employed history majors, perhaps a rare breed in this economy, and we are both allergic to tree nuts.  Salomone and I also share a budding interest in jazz and bluegrass music, and he taught me a thing or two about his new banjo hobby.

Perhaps one of the greatest bonding moments Salomone and I had on our first day was over our love of bad puns.  It all started with a reference to breaking out in “hives” because of our allergies, which was all too appropriate at a place called Beekeeper.  There are sure to be many bad puns and good times ahead, and I’m happy to have Sal along with me for the ride.

Salomone Baquis, Research Assistant

Tayler Lofquist is a hard person to pin down. It’s not that she’s unapproachable or evasive. She’s friendly and open and inexplicably eager to listen to her fellow colleague drone on about himself in ways that would inspire a well-lacquered glaze over a lesser person’s eyeballs. It’s more that she just refuses to submit to convention. Let’s turn to some bold text:

[Inter]Stellar Political Experience:

The closest most DC political staffers have gotten to outer space is the Capitol rotunda. In addition to a congressional internship, Tayler spent a year working for NASA. You know, the one with the rockets. Future employers take note.

Nut allergy – what allergy?

These days, it’s not unheard of to be allergic to specific foods like peanuts or fish. Less common are allergies to whole wedges of the food pyramid. Dairy, soy, sugar, gluten; these are among a host of items that Tayler can’t eat. Undaunted, she’s devised her own unique culinary alternatives. I bet you didn’t know you could substitute bananas for eggs.

The Name:

That’s Tayler. Not Taylor. Not Tay-lar. Tayler: with an “e.” Why? Ask her. She’s approachable, remember?