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Beekeeper Group Adds Five New Staff Members

With the increase in demand for our communications and advocacy services in the health and financial sectors, our three-year old DC-based public affairs agency has added five new staff members in the past month to our rapidly growing team. It all started with five public affairs practitioners and an idea for a new public affairs venture; one that would lead the progression of the public affairs industry toward a community-based, hive-driven approach. More information on the partners of Beekeeper Group […]

Not Your Grandma’s Cliché: Sayings for the Modern Era

Who else has thrown out the phrase- “close but no cigar,” or “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer,” only to have this potentially-clever rejoiner fall upon uncomprehending modern-day ears? Luckily, we have Doghouse Diaries to bring these phrases into the 21st century and help you really drive that witticism home. Some of my favorites? “Never judge an app by its icon,” “Google wasn’t built in a day,” and “hell hath no fury like a troll.” One that falls short- “a […]
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Henri Makembe, Recipient of Campaigns & Elections’ Rising Star Award

In recognition of “the best and the brightest in the political industry,” Campaigns & Elections awarded one of their 25 ‘Rising Star’ awards to Beekeeper Group’s own Henri Makembe. Along with his fellow recipients, Henri was recently honored at C&E’s annual conference here in Washington, D.C. The full C&E article is available here, and more information about Henri may be located on our website.

The Hive it is a Changin’

From new faces to an upgraded Hive, Beekeeper Group has gone through many changes this year! Thank you for being a part of our growth and success- and cheers to a happy and successful 2013.
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And The New Signature Beekeeper Group Cocktail Is…

Last Wednesday night at the Hive, the bees were buzzing and the honey was flowing! Master mixologists Jamie McBain and Steve Oshana faced off to create the signature Beekeeper Group cocktail in honor of our Hive-warming. And the winner is… the Sidecar’s Stinger! An adventure for the taste buds, this drink is made up of blended scotch, vanilla infused maple, and honey liquor- and finished off with a cherry.   Thank you Steve, and his worthy opponent Jamie, for creating a […]

Tablets in the Summer of 2012

  In a world where our digital technology defines who we are and what we do, handheld tablets are fast becoming a fixture at the watercooler. A trip around Beekeeper Group’s hive reveals what our team likes best about the tablets of  the summer of ’69 2012.     Matthew Tablet owned: Google Nexus Favorite feature: I like that the Nexus is smaller than an iPad- that way I can comfortably hold it when I’m using it. Work use: It’s good […]

Socializing “Old Media” – An Interview with Andrea Stone of the Huffington Post

Andrea Stone, senior national correspondent for the Huffington Post, has had a front row seat watching the social media Darwinism rampant in journalism, where the name of the game is adapt or die. Having spent most of her career as a reporter for USA TODAY, Andrea has seen slow to adapt reporters fall by the wayside. “As a journalist, you MUST be on social media. If you’re not, you’re probably not working anymore or have changed careers.” With nearly 63,000 […]

The Three R’s of Optimizing your Company’s Facebook Ads

Facebook exists to “give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.” This is easily done now that Facebook provides its own advertising options that are manageable by individuals. However, with the vast extent of clutter out there, it is no longer enough to just create an ad and allow it to circulate – you need to utilize different tools and practices in order to fully maximize your output. In order to successfully optimize Facebook […]

Exo-skeletons in the Closet

Here at Beekeeper Group we have little objects of whimsy all over the office… but this one takes the cake. The very same Bee Costume of Rick Rolled video fame What “skeletons” do you have in your closet?