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    Last February, our very talented Creative Director, Jon Wilcox, sojourned to Hollywood for a week to work as a concept artist on the new Blockbuster movie, Kong: Skull Island, which hit theaters this past weekend. Jon recently returned to LA to attend the premier, with the likes of Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, and Brie Larson.

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    Are you able to articulate what you do in 6 words or less? For those who work in advocacy or grassroots, this is no easy feat!

    In preparation for the Public Affairs Council’s National Grassroots Conference next week, we’ve put together a video of advocacy professionals attempting to do just that..
    A big THANK YOU to those who participated in this video! Explaining our profession is not easy,…
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    The paint is dry and the dust has settled – Beekeeper Group has officially moved into its new offices.

    Just like bees in nature we knew our old hive was too small, so we swarmed off and started a new one. The new space is at 1101 14th Street NW in downtown Washington and has an “urban agricultural” vibe using reclaimed barn wood walls to accent the open floor plan and industrial garage door dividers.

    It’s been a…

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    When it comes to garnering support for your advocacy issue,  email campaigns can play a central role–but only if they’re done right.  The average user receives roughly 120 emails per day but less than 16 of them ever get read . In fact, for every 1,000 fundraising emails opened last year, nonprofits earned just $17.00. So how are you supposed to grab your audience’s attention or persuade them to take action if you…

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    Whether you’re heading to Key West next week for the Public Affairs Council National Grassroots Conference or hanging back (because clearly you hate fun and learning!), we think you’ll enjoy this visualization of what the location has to offer.


    Data and palm trees aside, we’re looking forward to seeing…