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    Cameras, cameras, everywhere! You no longer need a professional video crew to capture breaking news. Now everyone has an HD video camera in their pocket. Mobile is changing the way your supporters engage with your campaigns. Soon, wearable tech devices, like the GoPro or fitbit, may become common advocacy tools.

    This event will help you understand the latest mobile trends and create campaigns to leverage this technology. From apps and responsive design, to crowd-sourced advocacy video, mobile provides an opportunity to place a high-tech advocacy toolkit in the hands of all your…

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    Please join us for a wine tasting at our FALL Advocacy Leaders Network happy hour.

    Over the past four years, many of you have joined us for substantive sessions on all aspects of maximizing your advocacy campaigns, but sometimes the best learning comes from just talking to your peers over drinks!

    The Advocacy Leaders Network is a community of senior advocacy, government affairs, and public relations professionals. In addition to our quarterly event series, we will be providing these professional networking opportunities as a chance for us all to meet in a…

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    Take the guesswork out of what motivates your supporters and influences policy makers. Understanding their behavior and tendencies will help you craft better messaging and execute more efficient campaigns.

    CMF will also offer a sneak preview of comprehensive research on what influences Capitol Hill. Their research is an extension of their Communicating with Congress series and will present trend-line data from 2005, 2010, and 2015!

    To purchase a single ticket for this event, click here.

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    Ever wonder why that episode of Law and Order featured talking points from an issue advocacy campaign? Have you seen a movie where the antagonist represents a special interest group? Believe it or not, this is often no accident but rather an ingenious example of cause placement.

    Equally, we have all seen celebrities raise the profile of an issue through an endorsement or media event. Sometimes, it just takes a tweet from the right celebrity to give you a boost greater than months of active campaigning. But guess what? More often than not, these celebrities have not stumbled upon your…

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    It’s a new Congress, and a new party in control. Plus, lots of freshman Members eager to engage in the policy process. How will you build a relationship with these offices, and focus their attention on your issue or cause?

    This event will discuss the best practices for reaching new Members of Congress and their staff – both on Capitol Hill and in the Members’ district. We will also teach you how to become a resource to the Member, while still advancing your policy priorities. It will also include Congressional Chiefs of Staff who work for current and former freshmen Members of…