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    How do you know if you are doing this right? How do your campaigns compare to the industry standard? What IS the industry standard? Millions of dollars are spent on advocacy campaigns each year, and it often feels like your reinventing the wheel.

    This event will examine what well-versed practitioners, industry bodies, and service providers already know, and show you how to leverage this knowledge into success for you and your organization.

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    Once upon a time… there was a crucial issue that stakeholders just could not grasp. Grassroots Manager Joe Schmoe goes through the same process every year, and is baffled by the declining support. Finally, John attends an advanced advocacy training session where he is told he needs to make this next campaign human, compelling, and emotional- and really connect people to this cause.

    Attendees will learn to capture stories and redraft the narrative to be both visual and evocative, while storybanking the experiences from your constituents, and packaging them in a way that resonates with the…

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    Are your issue campaigns sounding a little stale? Does your board want a new approach to ongoing campaigns? Maybe it’s time to consider a rebrand. Many organizations think branding is as simple as picking a name and designing a logo. This approach underestimates the importance of the branding process and does not take into account creating an enduring brand presence.

    This event will feature a mix of experts from both inside and outside our industry, exploring what makes a successful brand, how an organization can brand or rebrand an issue campaign, and discuss the process of rolling out…

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    Election years provide a unique opportunity to raise the profile of different issues beyond Capitol Hill. It is essential to build a plan for engaging policy makers on your issues amidst the tumult of a presidential election.
    This event will feature a former Hill staffer who will illustrate how their office priorities and legislative efforts are impacted by a Presidential election year. Our panel of advocacy professionals will describe how their programs are impacted, and explore their best examples of success in cutting through the noise.

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    Cameras, cameras, everywhere! You no longer need a professional video crew to capture breaking news. Now everyone has an HD video camera in their pocket. Mobile is changing the way your supporters engage with your campaigns. Soon, wearable tech devices, like the GoPro or fitbit, may become common advocacy tools.

    This event will help you understand the latest mobile trends and create campaigns to leverage this technology. From apps and responsive design, to crowd-sourced advocacy video, mobile provides an opportunity to place a high-tech advocacy toolkit in the hands of all your…