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Fan Only Content For Facebook

Ever wonder how some Facebook pages are able to require you to like their page before showing you certain content such as a video or a coupon?  Have you seen pages that use a custom graphic or message asking you to “like” their page that you no longer see once you click the button?  Do you wonder what it would take to implement similar functionality on your Facebook page? If you answered “yes” to one or more of the questions above, take […]
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Advocating For Good Code

Gone are the days of companies throwing a website together in Microsoft Publisher (using horrible clipart), but people still often do not understand the importance of a well thought out page layout.  A well planned and coded page offers numerous advantages over a poorly done one: Reusability – Theoritically, with some changes to the CSS file and graphics, the whole look and feel can be changed dramatically.  This allows for easy re-skinning, or the possibity of porting the site to […]
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