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This is How Bees Celebrate Social Media Day

Today, June 30, marks the second annual Social Media Day, and event created by the ever-popular Mashable. People are gathering all across the country in honor of this occasion. While happy hours and in-person gatherings are fun for some, we at Beekeeper like to put our own spin on #SMDayDC. Check out how the Beekeeper Bee celebrated today: Built our hive of friends by pollinating our Twitter feed and Facebook page. Checked out what was happening on Google Buzz. (We […]

Geo-location Tools Compared: How do they match up?

We at Beekeeper Group are fans of data visualization AND geo-location.  So how could I resist sharing this incredible infographic comparing the different tools? Created by Mark Fidelman. What is your favorite geo-location tool? Feel free to share below!

Get in the Game: Political Advocacy and Foursquare

The following was originally published on Colin Delaney’s blog, E-politics.  Had to share my wisdom with our Hive Talkin’ readers as well!! As a self-confessed Foursquare addict, I’ll admit I am a bit biased in writing this post. I can’t wait to see all of my favorite businesses, organizations and candidates get in on the craze. And I’m far from alone. So just why is there so much excitement about this new tech tool? Unscientifically, I believe it’s because Foursquare […]

Confessions of a Born-Again-Listener

Last month I attended the annual conference of the Association of Writers & Writing Programs, or AWP. (We writers are awesome with words; less so with acronyms.) The conference took place in Denver – a lovely city for sure, but really, I would have been thrilled to travel anywhere for it. When you are a freelance writer, any opportunity to get out of the house is exciting. These days, any industry conference, retreat, or multi-day seminar is going to have […]
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EVENT: Intensive Advocacy Workshops

Beekeeper Group will be hosting two intensive advocacy workshops on May 26th. Each session will run for 2.5 hours and will be limited to 20 attendees only. By keeping each session small we can concentrate on the details of incorporating these important tactics into your advocacy programs. And yes, we do plan to get into the weeds here. We will walk you through each step of setting-up and managing your presences, reaching out to your supporters, buying advertising, determining and […]
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Experts Rate Top Online Tools for Politics and Advocacy

Last week, at the Politics Online Conference 2010, a panel of industry experts assessed some of the top online tools and platforms in terms of their effectiveness for politics and advocacy. The panel also delivered thoughts on the future viability of these platforms by rating them either as a “FAIL – At Risk” (meaning the platform was potentially at risk), or “<3″ – [A.K.A the heart emoticon] (meaning the platform was likely to succeed or continue to succeed). As soon as we get the video of […]

Foursquare: Check-In to Win

All of the fuss over Foursqare reminds me of three years ago when Twitter was starting to reach critical mass and altering the social media landscape.  In the advocacy community, the main question about Foursquare is the same one we were asking about Twitter back then:  How does this change the game for advocacy campaigns? In terms of advancing social advocacy, Foursquare looks to have even more potential.  There are a number of important new capabilities that Foursquare ties together […]

Location Awareness in Public Affairs? Using Foursquare for Advocacy Campaigns

I’ve been using the social networking tool Foursquare for about year, however it seems that it’s really started to take off over the past few months with people within my digital circle. People use Foursquare to “check-in” at various locations (coffee shops, restaurants, work, bars, etc.) and then share that information with their network of friends. It’s a great way to see what places your friends are frequenting and where they physically are at any given moment. To make things […]